A House Divided cast includes talented actors Demetria McKinney and Paula Jai Parke in lead roles. A House Divided will be released on Allblk on January 12, 2023.

The 2019 American web television soap opera created by Dan Garcia follows the members of an affluent Sanders family in Los Angeles. The loss of the matriarch unveils pandora's box with secrets and dishonors, putting them on the brink of destruction.

Indeed, there is no storage of drama and suspense, with a love triangle reaching a new pinnacle as the stakes grow direr for everyone involved.

The story concludes with the relatives steering international extortion plots, facing prominent contenders, and being surrounded by mysteries.

After the first season descended on Urban Movie Channel, the audiences gave it rave reviews, and they secured three Indie Series Awards and Emmy nominations. It is the longest-running series on Allblk and will air its final season on early January 2023.

A House Divided Allblk Cast

 A House Divided cast consists of actors mainly from the Arican-American ethnic background. Cameron Sanders is one of the lead actors in the show.

The series is a symbol of African American excellence, with prominent actors from the community showing that their shows are just in demand. Here is a list of the actors who take the starring roles.

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Cameron Sanders

American actors Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs who got prestige for his time in the program plays Cameron Sanders in the series.

His wife, Pamela Sanders, was the household's matriarch, who held the rights of one of the wealthiest African American-headed businesses of the nation. The story takes off after her passing.

Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career
Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career ( Source : rottentomatoes )

Demetria McKinney as Carissa Walker 

Celebrated performer Demetria McKinney embodies Carissa Walker, the mistress of Cameron. She finds an opportunity to take her claim after the spouse of her lover passes away. 

Her goal is to seize ultimate power and emerge as the next Mrs. Cameran Sanders.

Demetria Dyan McKinney is an American actress and singer
Demetria Dyan McKinney is an American actress and singer ( Source : imdb )

Paula Jai Parker as Stephanie Sanders 

Stephanie Sanders, the daughter of Pamela and Cameron Sanders, gets played by Paula Jai Parker.

Despite the storms brewing in her home, she had to deal with her personal feelings as she contemplated moving back home and into the arms of her married lover.

Paula Jai Parker at the 2022 Children's and Family Emmy
Paula Jai Parker at the 2022 Children's and Family Emmy ( Source : instagram )

Brad James as Cameron Sanders, Jr.

Brad James, known for his role is known for his role as Todd in the sitcom Tyler Perry's For Better or Worse, plays the son of Cameron Sanders, Jr. He isn't ready to accept that his mom is no more and regrets being out of touch with his clan. His only goal is to discover why his mother's demise, as he suspects it was not from natural causes.

A young Brad James in 2021
A young Brad James in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

Dominique DuVernay as Brittany

Dominique DuVernay, who plays Brittany the sassy maid, had a pivotal role in the fourth season's finale as it became apparent that she was hiding a dark secret. 

Dominique DuVernay was born in New Orleans, LA
Dominique DuVernay was born in New Orleans, LA ( Source : imdb )

She would have a meatier part in the upcoming installment with the other members suspicious of her plans.

A House Divided Release Date And Time

The official records say that the ultimate conclusion of the fifth season descends on Thursday, January 12. 

The beautiful ending to the long-awaited series comes to a close as the power struggles are omnipresent, with Cameron Sanders Sr. trying to exact his revenge on all who dared to wrong him.

Meanwhile, his brother James is not so sure about making his hands dirty for the sake of his relatives, as his paranoia makes him brutally cover his tracks. Cameron Junior takes Brittnay with him, but it is the wrong choice. 

The show's season 4 was available on Amazon Prime
The show's season 4 was available on Amazon Prime ( Source : tvguide )

Daughter Stephanie and Auntie Mae get locked up in a dangerous power struggle and hope to take full power over the Sanders family empire.

The other son, Torrance, realized that his lineage was not as innocent as he thought and realized the gravity of their crimes. 

He makes his father's mistress, Carissa, his target, who has suspicions that someone is trying to exterminate her. She is not one to easily back down and decides to take down everyone even if she gets hurt. 

How To Watch The Show?

Season one of the show is free to stream if one has an Amazon prime account. 

The streaming platform usually charges its users $8.99 a month but bumped the subscription to $12.99 in 2022. Those not ready to spend the money can sign up for a free trial that lasts thirty days and only purchase if they feel the deal is worth their time. 

The lead actors of the show photographed
The lead actors of the show photographed ( Source : mediavillage )

Indeed, the show calls Allblk Network it's home, inclusively but unapologetically remains dedicated to a single community. 

Breakdown Of Season 5 Trailer

The popular Daytime Emmy-Nominated series, A House Divided, dropped its trailer a month ago.

With half a thousand views, there are mentions of sins, victims, blood, and murder as more secrets are revelated.

The ongoing battle between Cameron Sanders Sr. and his daughter Stephanie comes to its conclusive stage after he gets released from prison and has blood on his mind. 

Taja V. Simpson and Chris Attoh in A House Divided (2019)
Taja V. Simpson and Chris Attoh in A House Divided (2019) ( Source : imdb )

His child is just as ruthless as she orders her hitman to complete the job. Only one will remain as the finale will reveal whose side will win the last battle.