Lily Collins cut her bangs in the Emily In Paris season 3 trailer
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Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins has been suspected of plastic surgery procedures including botox, lip fillers and some form of injections. However, none of these speculations have been confirmed yet.  

The long-awaited second season of the American-French romantic comedy series Emily in Paris season 3 finally arrived on December 21, 2021. Emily has once again caught the attention with her bold, colorful, and occasionally outrageous fashion looks.

Just as her character in the hit Netflix series has been a topic of conversation among fashion moguls, the actress also remains to be a constant topic of interest between her fans and critics.

Her transformation over the years is one of the most commonly talked about subjects when it comes to the actress. 

The subject even reached a physician who made her observations on Lilly's face and provided a short report.

Lily Collins Botox And Lip Filler Rumors Debunked

Lily Collins has been speculated to have gotten plastic surgery with botox and lip fillers procedures. But it is just her age-defying looks at this point.

Based on the analysis by Physician Gokce Haspolat MD, Lilly has not undergone any of the procedures mentioned above.

The doctor goes on to say that she has amazing skin, which she clearly actively maintains. The physician also suspects that the actress has gotten mesotherapy treatments.

Before and after transformation of actress Lily Collins.
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The treatment involves the use of powerful micronutrients and antioxidants that help rejuvenate the skin. 

Her youthful appearance could be due tot he use of Glutathione and Tranexamic acid in her beauty regime. As an actress, she must follow a strict skincare routine which further helps her maintain that glow.

But the answer to what the actress actually uses for her skin still remains a mystery.

Lily Follows A Strict Morning Workout Routine

Talking to Harpers Bazaar, Lilly mentioned that she has a fairly easy morning workout and skincare routine which she follows regulalry.

She said that she tries to wake up at 8 everyday and starts her morning skincare routine. It begins with a splash of cold water on her face followed by Lancome products. Lilly frequently works with the brand.

Lily Collins frequently works with Lancome
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She uses their Énergie de Vie products, including cleanser, serum, and face cream. Then she puts on some foundation and a little bit of blush followed by lip balm and a Lancome lipstick.

After the skincare, she gets ready for the gym with a glass of water with lemon and oatmeal with fruits. Then she goes to the gym to Body by Simone. There, she mostly engages in isometrics and cardio. She also has a personal trainer.

The actor appeared in the Vogue Beauty Secrets video
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Since she goes to the gym with her friends, it becomes a fun time for her instead of a strict workout session.

She Has Famous Eyebrows

One of the most prominent and well-known features of the actress is her eyebrows.

She has thick bushy brows which stand out and have become her signature look. However, her brows did not always look like that.

Lily has prominent eyebrows
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During her Beauty Secret video with Vogue, she mentioned that used to overpluck them until her mother advised her otherwise.

But now, she takes care of her brows like any other feature on her face. She uses Lancome's brow gel to keep them in place. She also uses some light mascara on her brows to make them even.