Adam B shares his photo on Instagram @adambyt.
Adam B shares his photo on Instagram @adambyt.( Source : instagram )

Adam B is a YouTube star, actor, and television presenter from Derry, Northern Ireland. He has garnered over 3.42 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has collaborated with Disney.

He is also the former co-presenter of the hit CBBC shows Blue Peter and The Dog Ate My Homework. Born on October 11, 1999, in Derry with the name Adam Beales, he is a young twenty-two years old rising star.

Is Adam B Dating A Boyfriend -Who Is His Partner?

Blue Peter star Adam B has come out as gay following an emotional video he shared on his YouTube channel, where he also revealed he has a boyfriend. He included moments of his departure from the Blue Peter in July, after two years as a co-presenter.

However, the YouTube sensation did not reveal his boyfriend's name in the 9 minutes long video shared with his 3.42 million subscribers on July 22, 2022. The clip shows Adam with his family at home and takes his admirers on his coming-out journey.

Adam B has come out as gay in an emotional YouTube video.
Adam B has come out as gay in an emotional YouTube video.( Source : instagram )

Adam stated that he wanted to create the video to show his fans his journey and how he decided to come out. The Derry man also shared his joyous moments while serving as the presenter in CBBC's Blue Peter for two years and clips he came out to the show's team on his final day on July 15.

He also expressed how his fans' support has helped him to be himself and happy. The Irish star praised and appreciated the support and love of his family and friends towards him in any situation in life. 

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YouTuber Star Adam B Comes Out As Gay

Irish vlogger Adam B has come out as gay. The YouTuber star shared a nine minutes emotional video on Friday, which features his family, mom, dad, and brother, and takes fans along on his journey to realizing, accepting, and finally embracing his sexuality.

Adam started the video by saying, "I am gay. I've finally told you guys something I've meant to tell for quite a long time." His parents and younger brother were also sitting alongside the YouTuber. He also praised his family for being supportive.

Adam B enjoying a trip in Paris.
Adam B enjoying a trip in Paris.( Source : instagram )

He showed how relieved he was after sharing the news with the fans. "I was instantly a million times better," said Adam. Looking to the coming days, he happily showed his excitement to be able to share much more of his life which he feels proud about.

Breathing a sigh of relief, the vlogger confessed that he was unsure of how his viewers would react, but he wouldn't have done what he was doing at the moment if he was still living under fear. He added, "Love should never mean having to live in fear."

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Meet The Family Of The YouTuber Adam B

In a recent video shared by the YouTuber Adam B accompanied by his family, he revealed he has a boyfriend but did not share his name and other particulars. The Irish rising star is heading a prosperous life with his father, mother, and younger brother.

Adam started his YouTube channel Adam B (initially known as TheNewAdamb99), at 12. He began by filming and editing his entire video from his bedroom. In 2017, he partnered with Disney.

Adam B clicks with his family.
Adam B clicks with his family.( Source : co )

In 2019, Adam's channel gained over 2.7 million subscribers with over 300 million views. He has been featured on BBC Radio, The Ryan Tubridy Show. He also appeared at VidCon London's first conference. It was June 2019 when the YouTuber won the Youth 19 Champions Award.

On September 1, 2020, it was announced that Adam would be the 40th presenter of Blue Peter and would make his debut after two days. After two years of serving as a presenter, he announced his departure from the show, with his last appearance on Blue Peter on July 15, 2022.

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