Adam Pinkusiewicz's Obituary details have not been divulged but he has been reported dead in September 2021, a month after he committed the Moab Campsite murder. Find more about the deceased felon.

Adam Pinkusiewicz has been stated by the police authorities and investigative bodies as the real culprit behind the merciless murder of a newlywed couple in the Moab campsite region.

Adam's involvement in the heinous murder has been clarified by the police assigned to the case and they shared through a detailed report that Adam in fact told one of his friends about the murder that he committed.

The murder of Kylen Schulte and her partner Crystal Turner took place in August of 2021 and their bodies were found near their campsite on August 18, 2021.

The place of crime was the La Sal Mountains by the South Mesa campsite area.

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Adam Pinkusiewicz's Detailed Obituary Report

Adam Pinkusiewicz's Obituary has reported him dead in September 2021.

The Grand County Sheriff's Office recently on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, shared a report that indicted Adam Pinkusiewicz for the couple's murder.

Adam shared some details about that August murder of the newlywed couple outside their campsite to a friend of his.

The details were so specific and covet that it was known only to the investigating team.

This confirmed that Adam was in fact the murderer in the case, as he was also one of the suspects during the initial investigation.

The search team initially tried to dissolve his induction of the crime as he rarely shared any common shift with Turner, that would ever lead to an altercation.

Moab Murders Update- Victims And Suspect Revealed

The Moab murder refers to the sad and brutal murder of a newlywed couple outside their campsite in the South Mesa region.

Adam Pinkusiewicz murdered his McDonalds coworker Crystal Turner, aged 38, and her newly married partner Kylen Schulte, aged 24.

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Suspect Adam Pinkusiewicz Killed Himself-Explore Him On Wikipedia

Adam Pinkusiewicz, who has been indicted recently for the Moab murder case has killed himself, nearly a year ago.

He fled the Utah state after the merciless shooting of Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte, whose bodies were found on Aug 18, 2021, outside their Moab camp site.

Adam fled the search party and then killed himself about a month after that incident on September, 2021.