Adrianna Miller was a loving mother and wife from Glendale, Arizona, who got multiple stabbed by her husband, Michael Miller. Let's find out more about this murder victim in this article. 

Adrianna Miller was a Glendale native who got killed by his husband within their house after an argument got out of control between spouses. Adrianna Miller was a loving wife as she used to look after her family with a whole heart. 

Adrianna Miller's sister Araceli Santoyo said she loved her husband and family so dearly despite Adrianna's husband's mental illness. In particular, Adrianna had lived with her dear family for a long time, where the family includes her husband, ten-year-old daughter, and four-year-old son in Glendale, Arizona.

Who Was Adrianna Miller Glendale AZ? Michael Miller Wife & Murder Victim

Adrianna Miller was from Glendale, Arizona, where she got multiple stabbed with a kitchen knife from her husband. In particular, Michael Miller called 911 on May 30, 2009, and reported that he killed his family out of rage. 

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Michael Miller stabbed his wife and ten-year-old daughter in the dining, where police found Adrianna's four-year-old son breathing in the crime scene and took him to St. Joseph's Hospital to save his life. However, Adrianna and her ten-year-old daughter were already dead when the police arrived. 

How Old Was Adrianna Miller When She Died? Age Explored

Adrianna Miller's age was between 30 to 40 when she died, and her exact date of birth is still missing from the internet. It was her devasting nightmare as she got killed by the man she had loved the most. Michael Miller pleaded guilty in October 2009 and got life imprisonment. 

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In particular, he had a debilitating mental illness, where was suffered from bipolar and schizophrenic disease at that time. Michael said that he had no idea about the incident as he got ordered by Lucifer to kill them. 

Does Adrianna Miller Have Kids? Details On Her Facebook

Adrianna Miller had two kids as she had a ten-year-old daughter who also got killed by Michel Miller in that incident. In addition, her four-year-old son luckily survived as Micheal Miller also tried to kill him there. 

Many people wonder if there is a Facebook Id on her name, which is unavailable at the current date. Further, there is very little information about her on the social site at the current date.