Adrianne Palicki siblings Eric Palicki is a writer by profession. Eric Palicki was born to parents Jeffrey Arthur and Nancy Lee in Ohio.

The American actress and model hit the jackpot when she got the post of Tyra Collette in the sports drama series Friday Night Lights.

Adrianne career got a boost when she appeared in the superhero series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Kelly Grayson in the Hulu science fiction comedy-drama series The Orville.

Indeed, she did not mind taking supporting roles in blockbusters like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Legion, and John Wick. But a four-leaf clover like her also failed in her two-decades-long career when she joined the Red Dawn in 2012.

The project had a recipe for financial success, with notable stars like Josh Peck and Josh Hutcherson on the poster and directions from stunt coordinator Dan Bradley.

The action sequences had no complaints, whereas the story fell short with a 15 million dollar loss on the operating budget. 

Adrianne Palicki Is The Youngest Child Of Her Parents

Adrianne Palicki siblings Eric Palicki is a talented comic book writer. Eric Palicki started his career as a freelance technical writer in 2011.

The brother-sister pair are the kids to their mother, Nancy, and father, Jeffrey Palicki. Her dad came from Polish and Hungarian ancestry, while her mom is of English and German descent. The couple was the glue that held the family together. 

Adrianne has JEFF & NANCY tattooed on her right bicep
Adrianne has JEFF & NANCY tattooed on her right bicep ( Source : bodyartguru )

Indeed, few kids hold as much loyalty to their birth givers as Palincki when she showed fondness by tattooing their names on her body.

The actress isn't a stranger to body art, with at least nine engravings on her skin. But she acknowledged her affection for her mom and dad when she tattooed their first names on her bicep. 

At Whitmer High School, she was a certified tomboy interested in basketball and athletics. Her sophomore year was a game-changer when she got more involved in school plays. 

By her senior year, she got elected the runner-up for the homecoming queen and stripped away any insecurities about making it in Hollywood.

According to sources, she jumped at the chance of moving to Los Angeles, where she worked at a cafe and cooked sandwiches to sustain her expensive auditions. 

Adrianne was a tomboy as a kid
Adrianne was a tomboy as a kid ( Source : instagram )

Her perseverance finally paid off when she scored a gig in The WB pilot Aquaman. Her work got appreciated by the production, promoting her to the regular cast lineup. But her happiness was short-lived, and the series remained unreleased because of conflicted management. 

Adrianne Mentions Her Friends As Sisters

Her friends, Katie May and Brittany Bateman may not have the same lineage, but they are no less than her real sister. They proved that time did not define affection when they jetted off to a private getaway in Mexico in September 2022.

Adrianne enjoying her vacation with Katie and Brittnay in Mexico in 2022
Adrianne enjoying her vacation with Katie and Brittnay in Mexico in 2022 ( Source : instagram )

The three ladies spent their evenings lounging by the beach with a fire warming their bodies against the cold winds. They had a wine to set the mood as they rejoiced at the words of Audrey Hepburn.

While Katie is not very present on her social media, she leads an active life with her husband and her pets. 

On the other hand, Brittany recently said yes to her groom at her wedding in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Most of her girlfriends were in attendance, but her best friend, Adrianna, was missing from the scene. 

Adrianne's friend Brittnay got married in Puerta Vallerta in 2023
Adrianne's friend Brittnay got married in Puerta Vallerta in 2023 ( Source : instagram )

Adrianne Palicki Brother Eric Palicki Is An Artist

Adrianne Palicki brother Eric Palicki currently works as a writer for BlackBox Comics. Eric Palicki lives in Seattle, Washington. 

The actress has just Eric to call her sibling as they were two peas in a pot. She has cited him multiple times as the person who got her addicted to comics, as he used to draw all the time as a kid. 

Palicki wishing her brother happy birthday on October 2020
Palicki wishing her brother happy birthday on October 2020 ( Source : instagram )

In 2020, she took to Instagram to wish him a Happy Birthday, calling him one of her best friends. She accompanied the lovely wish with an adorable picture of them as kids, a toddler, Eric, holding Adrianne in his arms. 

Although his little sister never went to college, he gained a BA in English and Writing concentration from the University of Toldeo. During his time at the institution, he was also a contributing author for the Independent Collegian and a part of the Gold Key Honor Society.

After graduating, his degrees led him to Seattle, growing his skill set to editing after ten years on the job. His piece got a feature in the New York Times and a nomination for a Ringo Award.

Adrianne wearing her Bobbie Morse with her brother Eric
Adrianne wearing her Bobbie Morse with her brother Eric ( Source : 20questionstuesday )

His website is his portfolio, with ninety percent of online interactions done on Twitter. But his infinite creativity had led to a growing collection of work that is taking up space in his closet. He desired to shift his labor to better places as he promised to make changes on the platform.

Indeed, his Instagram also disclosed that he has a special someone in his life as he looked close to a mystery lady in his profile picture. 

Despite leading very different lives, the siblings never let go of their bond, with Adrianne flying to Seattle on a whim to visit her big bro. It was his birthday, and she wanted to surprise him face-to-face. 

Palicki flew to Seattle in 2021 to wish Eric for his birthday
Palicki flew to Seattle in 2021 to wish Eric for his birthday ( Source : instagram )

Eric Has A Decade's Worth Of Expertise in The Field

Eric is good at his job, with ten years of working at the forefront of comics. 

His LinkedIn suggested that he started as a freelance technical writer for LiftSmart LLC, where he handled end-user documentation and had specific responsibilities, including operations development. While at the organization, he oversaw the launch of three new product lines.

By 2013, he had jumped ship to CBS Local, where he wrote comic book reviews for the Man Cave Daily website. Two years later, he came into his element when he got scouted by Marvel Entertainment to compose for the Guardians of Infinity.

Eric created the grahpic novel Manticore
Eric created the grahpic novel Manticore ( Source : instagram )

Between 2016 and 2021, he functioned under Darby Pop Publishing and Scout Comics & Entertainment, making up storylines for their graphic novels. He had a more rewarding time when he became the writer and editor for A Wave Blue World. 

Currently, he is the transcriber of Ninja Kaidan, an action-packed ongoing series following the adventures of Yuki Snow, a martial artist, that gets illustrated by Lucas Meyers.

In addition, his latest creation, Manticore Volume, a hardcover graphic novella, has a page on Kickstarter, with 200 people pledged to bring the work to life.