Aedin Mincks talks about his role on Cobra Kai Season 3 in an interview
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Aedin Mincks, 5 feet  9 inches tall actor, is in her early 20s. The American actor is the young cast member of Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: Endgame.

Minks, a young actor, is known for his role as Angus Chestnut on A.N.T Farm. Recently, Collider mentioned him in their article for being part of Cobra Kai. The Georgia-based actor has challenged the film industry with his hard work.

As we all know, most directors and producers seek fit and healthy people as their film's characters. However, Aedin proved that weight does not matter if you have a passion for something, especially in acting. Acting and facial expression matter for a person to be an actor or actress.

Like any other theater person, Mincks was also interested in acting from childhood. He has dragged the attention of the media at the young age of 21. He started to work in film as an actor when he was eight years old. His notable work is Robert in Ted, an American adult comedy film directed by Seth MacFarlne.

Some Quick Facts About Aedin Mincks

NameAedin Mincks
Date of BirthOctober 10, 2000
BrithplaceGeorgia, U.S.
Active years2008 (from years)

Some FAQs

What Is The Height Of Aedin Mincks?

Aedin Mincks's mentioned height is 5 feet and 9 inches. However, he looks little short heighted because of his bulging body. Around 6 feet height is normal of American. As he grow older, his height will be increased gradually.

Who are Aedin Mincks's Parents?

Aedin Mincks's parents identity is still undercover. His parents must be supportive to him. Otherwise, it is not possible to achieve such fame and success in young age.

How ls Aedin Mincks?

Currently, Aedin Mincks is 21 years old. He has accumulated tons of fame in his young age.The actor was born on October 10, 2000. His birthplace is Georgia, United States. He has been working as an actor since age seven.

Aedin Mincks's Height And Age

Aedin Mincks, 21, is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. The actor was born on October 10, 2000, in Georgia, U.S.

The Georgia-born American actor has been working as a child actor since he was seven. In an interview with Courageous Nerd, the actor revealed that he started acting when he was seven years old. Mincks is ambitious about his dream of being an actor. 

Since childhood, Aedin and his brothers were obsessed with Lord of The Rings and other stuff films and series. They watched not only the extended version of the series but also watch the behind- scenes. It was the moment when he discovered his passion for acting. Later, he focused on his acting skills and established himself from an unknown child actor to a renowned child actor.

Still of Aedin Mincks as Mitch on Season Two of Cobra Kai.
Source : imdb

Since then, they went to auditions and met with different agents. His first film was The Sarah Silverman Program in 2008 at age eight. The eighth years old child nailed the character of Ballon holding kid in the episode: making Nw Friends.

Though his role was small, his role has a great impact on audiences. Later, he played various characters in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Episode #17.4. Since then, his journey to the film industry took a path.

With rising of Cobra Kai, Aedin will be able to establish his name in the entertainment industry. He portrays the major recurring character Mitch (Ass Face) on Cobra Kai.

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Aedin Mincks's Supportive Parents

Aedin Mincks's parents were supportive in his struggling phase. Though his fans want to discover his parent's identity, the actor has not talked about them daily.

Minck mentioned his mother in an interview. He said that his mother initially didn't support Aedin and his brother when they said they wants to be actors. She didn't believe in their spirit and guts.

But, Mincks was determined to be an actor. He didn't mind his mother's word and tried hard. The actor convinced his mother he wanted to try and wanted to do it. He auditioned for an agent and did his best.

On June 17, 2013, the young actor wished a Happy Father's Day to his father. it was the first time that he revealed a photo of his father and a young version of him. Further, Aedin thanked his father for taking care of him and being always supportive of him. His father is a hero to him who can do anything for Mincks.

Aedin Mincks wished Father's Day to his father on June 17, 2013
Source : instagram

However, Mincks succeeded in his acting career. His parents also loved the films. His main goal was to be in the new Lord of The Rings Season even though they were already out for some time. Besides his parents, his uncle taught him some moves of martial arts.

Mincks' parents must be proud of his hard work and dedication. The actor proved that if one is willing to do something, they have to give their 100%. 

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Aedin Mincks's Siblings And Family Background

Aedin Mincks grew up with his brother in a small and peaceful family.

His brother, Austin Mincks, is known for Sym-Bionic Titan (2010), Criminal Minds (2005), and Lopez (2016). Moreover, Austin is also known for being an actor in Midnight Son (the 2011 horror movie) and Little Savages (the 2014 family film). He is active on Instagram under the username @austinmincks.

His family is supportive of him and his brother. Previously, they hesitate to be the back-support of Aedin. Later, they fully support them in their dream of becoming actors. As reported in the sources, Aedin and his brother, Austin, built their interest in acting because of Lord of The Rings.

Aedin Mincks tagged his brother, Austin, on June 12, 2013.
Source : instagram

The Mincks' brother used to watch Lord of the Rings the whole day. They were obsessed with the series and desperately wanted to be a part of the series. Soon after, they auditioned for many projects, leading them to be a successful actor at a young age.

Not only Aedin, but his broth, Austin, is also a famous child actor. His uncle also trained him when he was selected for Netflix's Cobra Kai. He did karate for the show. He was kickboxing at the time of the audition for Cobra Kai.

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Aedin Mincks's Filmy Career

Aedin Mincks's film career started when he was seven years old (2008).

Mincks, 21, started his journey to the entertainment industry as a ballon-holding kid in The Sarah Silverman Program (2008). Likewise, he played several characters in films, including ER (Kid#1) in 2009, The Forgotten (Walter Jr.) in 2009, Desperate Housewives (Joey Murphy) in 2010, Lies in Plain Sight (Boy) in 2010, and Faster (Tommy) in 2010.

Aedin Mincks appeared in Goth ANTs! with his co-star.
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Additionally, Aedin portrayed Robert in Teens Wanna Know (2012), Julian in Golden Shoes (2013), Jason in The Haunting Hour: The Series (2013), Dale in A Cowgirl's Story (2017), and Bully in Fresh Off the Boat (2015).

His most recent work includes the 2015 film Any Day, which stars Sean Bean, Eva Longoria, and Kate Walsh, as well as guest spots on Colony (USA), Fresh off the Boat (CBS), and Bad Teacher (CBS).

Acting inspiration came to Mincks from films like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Popular television shows like The Sarah Silverman Program, ER, Desperate Housewives, The Middle, and New Girl have featured him.

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