Alden and his rumored partner Kesley
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No, Alden Ehrenreich girlfriend is not Kelsey McNamee. Kelsey married filmmaker Juan Iglesias on October 4, 2014.

Alden is a well-known American actor for his feature debut movie Tetro(2009), Hail, Caesar!, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Beautiful Jasmine, and Beautiful Creatures.

He was born in Los Angeles to Sari Newmann and Mark Ehrenreich on November 22, 1989. He started acting at Palisades Elementary School, LA. 

He later joined another school for his acting courses at Crossroads School. After his high school graduation, he joined New York University at Stella Studio of Acting.

He debuted with the series Tetro in 2009, and he worked on several movies and television series like Somewhere(2010), Stoker(2013), The Yellow Birds(2017), and. Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Ehrenreich has upcoming projects, including the thriller Fair Play, Cocaine Bear(2023), and Oppenheimer.

Alden And Kelsey Relationship

Alden Ehrenreich rumored girlfriend Kelsey McNamee is an actress. Alden and Kelsey have never dated each other.

In 2018, there were rumors of Alden seeing Kesly, and they have been dating secretly for almost four years. Both parties deny it.

The couple celebrated the actor's birthday with a close group of friends, and he introduced Kelsey to his friends in 2016. Since then, fans have started to assume about their relationship.

Though the actor and Kelsey have always supported each other in the past and are found to be attending several events and ceremonies together, the couple justified them as only friends.

Alden posing with the camera infront of mirror at the sets of Cocaine Bear
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Some revealed they started dating in 2013 and may have been together for a decade. However, it doesn't seem to be, as Kesely is happily married and has a daughter.

In 2013, when Alden was asked about his rumored status, he answered, " No Comments," with a mysterious smile.

Many believe that the couple is still together, but it's hard to answer whether they had been in a relationship as Kesley has been enjoying a better life with her husband.

Kesley McNamee Is An Actress

Kelsey McNamee is known for her role in Water for Elephants in 2011. She was born and raised in Minneapolis.

The actress was also part of movies and series such as Mae & Ash in 2012, Playing it Cool in 2014, and Jeffie Was Here.

She was rumored to be in a relationship with her fellow actor Alden but both sources declined the report. Later she got married to Juan Iglesias. 

Kesley photo clicked by her partner Juan on September 27, 2019
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McNamee started her career in 2002 in the movie Clara and later worked as a model in several other TV series and production companies. She also worked as a writer and has written stories for Hwy and Shut Up and Drive.

Her other credits include Du Blonde: Hunter, Elvis the Cat, Cool Runnings, and Candy Apple, as per her IMDb.

Besides her professional career as a model, she has been sharing a beautiful married life with her partner Juan with whom she tied the knot on October 2014. The couple has been blessed with a child.

Kesley is active on her Instagram and goes by the name @kesleymcnamee. Her Instagram has 1876 followers.

In August 2015, Kesley posted a picture with the caption "One Year Today" on their anniversary day on her Instagram.

She Is Happily Husband Juan And Has A Child

Kelsey McNamee husband Juan Iglesias is a producer in the entertainment industry. The couple has been together since 2014.

Juan works as a producer who is well famous for his production series Monolith in 2015, Uncle Pete: The Buscemi in 2014, and Claire.

As a producer, some of his notable works include A Relationships in Four Days, Velvet, The Dinner Party, Get It Right, Best Friend, And Heather McDonald: I Don't Mean to Brag and City. 

Kesley and her partner Juan took a beautiful selfie together
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Debuting his career as a producer in 2007 through a short movie, "A Relationship in Four Days," he later produced Velvet in 2009 and The Dinner Party in 2010.

According to IMDB, his work continued as he produced several movies after 2011. It includes the likes of Best friend in 2012, Cool Runnings in 2014, and City in 2017.

Besides working as a producer, he has also worked as an editor, and a director in his movies like Something is better than Nothin', Tonight, Uncle Pete: The Buscemi, and Best Friend.

He is active on his Instagram and goes by the name @oneiglesias. His Instagram contains 684 followers, and his bio says he is a filmmaker and a producer.

The Couple Has A New Born Son 

The model announced her pregnancy for the first time in 2019 through her Instagram post on January 14.

Later in April 2019, she posted a photo of herself tagging her husband with the caption "30 weeks tomorrow" on her Instagram wall.

Kesley with his newly born baby when he was 6 weeks on August 23, 2019
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The couple gave birth to a baby boy on July 2, 2019. He is currently 3 years old. She has never left her kid alone since his birth till now.

The couple spends her time enjoying with her son around her backyard. Kesley always has her back on her child whenever they are home or on long weekend holidays with the family.

The filmmaker also shares his son's photos on his Instagram, enjoying his quality time with his mother, Kesley.