Alfred Winklmayr was the first husband of Ivana Trump
Alfred Winklmayr was the first husband of Ivana Trump( Source : theguardian )

Alfred Winklmayr is the first husband of Ivana Trump who died at the age of 73. Here is everything we know about Winklmayr and if he is still alive as of 2022. 

Ivana Trump passed away on Thursday at the age of 73. She was an accomplished skier, glamorous model, and hard-charging businesswoman.

The former president and Ms. Trump, who was born in what is now the Czech Republic, wed in 1977. They got divorced in 1992, 15 years later.

The former couple has three children Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Jr. together. The Associated Press reports that police suspect an accident as the cause of death.

When the authorities found her unconscious close to a staircase in her New York City home, they assumed that she might have fallen down. 

Who Is Alfred Winklmayr? Photo Explored 

Alfred Winklmayr is the first husband of Ivana Trump, as per the reports. Alfred is reportedly from Austria and is a famous celebrity in the country. However, his photo and other details regarding him remain a mystery. 

Some reports suggest that Alfred was an Austrian ski instructor and friend. In the beginning, she considered him a platonic friend but eventually ended up marrying him. 

Ivana with her ex-husband Donald Trump back when they were young
Ivana with her ex-husband Donald Trump back when they were young ( Source : nytimes )

The details of their wedding or the divorce are unavailable on the Internet. Winklmayr has stayed away from the Internet and is living a low-key life. 

As he is staying far from all of the social media platforms, his whereabouts have remained a mystery. People started looking for him as the news of Ivana's demise surfaced online. 

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How Old Is Alfred Winklmayr? Age Details 

Alfred Winklmayr is supposedly 70-75 years old, as of 2022. However, this is just speculation as he hasn't revealed his exact birth details on the Internet. 

On the other hand, Ivana was 73 years old at the time of her demise. Unlike his former wife, Ivana, Alfred never stayed in the public eye leaving people wondering about him. 

One of the tweets suggests that Ivana married Austrian ski instructor, Alfred in the 1970s. Furthermore, it also reads Ivana married him to get the visa which eventually allowed her to move to Canada for many years. 

At the time, she was just starting her career as a model and was just 22 years old. While Alfred remained anonymous, Ivana became one of the notable figures in the media, over the years.

Ivana, who was once married to Donald Trump, started her own lines of beauty products, clothing, and jewelry after the divorce from Trump. 

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Where Is Ivana Trump First Husband Alfred Winklmayr Now? Is He Still Alive?

Though the whereabouts of Ivana Trump's Alfred Winklmayr are unavailable, he is supposedly alive as there is no news of his demise on the Internet. 

Winklmayr grabbed the headlines as the first husband of Ivana. Alfred and Ivana had a whirlwind of romance till their divorce in 1973, after three years of their marriage. 

After their split, she settled in the United States where she met a wealthy businessman, Donald Trump. The former couple quickly started dating and got married in 1977.