Ally and Juice Wrld attended the Billboard music awards in 2019 when he was awarded the Best New Artist
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Ally Lotti is a model and Instagram star who is currently dating her new boyfriend Carter Jamison. Ally's previous relationship was with Juice Wrld.

Alicia L. Leon is the full name of the Instagram model and influencer AllyLotti. She rose to popularity as a result of her relationship with Juice WRLD. Lotti is a model and Instagram influencer with over a million followers.

Her Instagram account acquired popularity after it was revealed that she dated the late rapper Juice WRLD, and her relationship has also helped her to enhance her modeling career. She appears to be back in the modeling business after recently endorsing numerous Fashionova designs on Instagram.

On Twitter, the model has 238 thousand followers. Even though her YouTube account only has one video, she has over 33k subscribers. Ally Lotti is a model and social media influencer.

Recently, Ally became a trend because she has a new boyfriend. After the demise of Juice Wrld, this is her first relationship.

Ally Lotti Is Dating New Boyfriend Carter Jamison In 2022

One user on Reddit has posted a video where she shares a video of Ally Lotti with her boyfriend, Carter Jamison.

Carter has posted various photos and stories about him and Ally, and it seems like Ally has moved on with the loss of her previous boyfriend. Jamison is a young entrepreneur with a seven-figure annual revenue.

Ally has been seen with her new boyfriend Carter in his Instagram on multiple occasions
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Carter is the founder of Gateway Agency, which helps make brands, entrepreneurs, and artists' lives easier. On his website, Jamison mentioned that he had made around $80k a year when he was 15. Jamison has also over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Internet Reacts To Ally Lotti and Her New Relationship

Many Internet users have given their reactions to Ally Lotti's new relationship. Fans of Juice Wrld are particularly not happy. Here are what the Internet users have to say about their relationship.

Reddit Discussions indicate that the internet is not very pleased with Carter showing off Juice's watch
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One user commented that "it is only weird if Carter is wearing the watch of Juice and apart from that everything is normal''.

Another user commented that he is just 18 and has been around Ally for a year now.

Benx115 was wise to provide his opinions he stated " she is allowed to move on and it wouldn't be possible to grieve for Juice Wrld forever. However, he also mentioned that wearing Juice's watch is weird.

One thing common in all the comments is the issue with Ally handing over the watch of Juice to her new boyfriend.

Ally Lotti and Juice Wrld Had A Wonderful Connection

Juice WRLD and Ally Lotti managed to meet just as the rapper's career was taking off. In a New York Times report published in July 2018, Juice disclosed that he was living with his girlfriend.

In November of that year, the couple officially announced on Instagram. They poked fun at one other on their social media accounts after they made their relationship public.

Juice and Ally had a very loving relationship before the passing of the artist
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In fact, Ally became a regular presence on Juice's Instagram page, and he frequently expressed his feelings for her. He also famously stated that he had stopped using the prescription painkiller Codeine recreationally as a result of her.

Juice passed away on December 8, 2019, from an accidental overdose of codeine and oxycodone after having a seizure.