Alvina August is all loved-up with her partner of eight years, Marco.
Alvina August is all loved-up with her partner of eight years, Marco.( Source : instagram )

Alvina August couldn't be happier with her beloved husband-to-be Marco Grazzini. Marco and Alvina got engaged in 2018.

While Alvina was initially hesitant about what Marco did for a living, she got help from him to start her acting career. She was helping out with his auditions when she got an opportunity to audition for "The Lion King."

Marco helped her with that acting aspect as it was a musical. The rising actress credits her beloved finance as a huge part of her transition. He helped her a lot in becoming an actor and finding the true purpose of her life.

Alvina and Marco have been inseparable since they first met in 2014 through tinder. Though the pair met most unexpectedly, they instantly learned about their connection and even had an eight-hour first date.

They are deeply in love and have always been vocal about their romance. In fact, their Instagram walls are loaded with memorable pictures connecting to their love tales. 

Alvina August And Her Fiance Marco Grazzini Are A Picture-Perfect Couple

Alvina August and her soon-to-be husband, Marco Grazzini, continue to give the perfect couple goals to their fans.

The pair will celebrate their ninth anniversary in 2023. All these years, Alvina and Marco have always stayed by each other's side. With time, their relationship grew to be more strong and fans cannot wait to see them bloom in the coming days.

Alvina and Marco have been together since 2014.
Alvina and Marco have been together since 2014. ( Source : instagram )

Who Is Marco Grazzini?

Originally from Toronto, the 15-year veteran of the film and television world, Marco has played in numerous films and series. He is notable for playing Angel Commander in Supernatural and Joey Monteleone in The Magicians.

Marco began his acting career portraying the role of a militant in the short drama Suicide in 2006. By 2010, he had appeared in several other projects, such as Being Erica, Of Murder and Memory, Verona, Nikita, and Total Drama.

Marco is enjoying his vacation in Bali, Indonesia.
Marco is enjoying his vacation in Bali, Indonesia. ( Source : instagram )

In 2011, he played the role of Angel in XIII: The Series, Fred Torres in Deck the Halls, Zachary in Awakening, Marci in Hi Hiney, The Messenger in Connor Undercover, and Dr. Sweet in Wishing Well.

People may also recognize the talented actor from his role as Detective Billings from the 2014 film Beauty and the Beast. He gained more fame after appearing as Joey Monteleone in an episode of the superhero television series The Flash.

Alvina says,
Alvina says, " Ok, let’s find some time to plan a wedding soon." ( Source : instagram )

In 2019, Marco appeared as Pete Canning in four episodes of the Canadian police procedural drama television series, The Murder, created by Damon Vignale. The series landed on FX and Citytv in Canada on March 25, 2019.

Most recently, Marco is notable for his recurring role as Mile Valenzuela in the romantic drama streaming series Virgin River. Other credits include Designing Christmas, Polly Pocket, Right in Front of Me, Close Up, Christmas Unwrapped, and A Valentine's Match.

Alvina August And Marco Grazzini Relationship Timeline

Alvina August and Marco Grazzini are often spotted together at various events and occasions. They love traveling with each other and do not hesitate to share their happy moments on Instagram.

How Did Alvina And Marco Met?

On the Hallmark Channel's podcast "Bobbly Sesh," Alvina shared that she had always thought she would find the love of her life in the traditional way. On the contrary, the pair met in the most millennial fashion, through Tinder.

The actress admitted, "To be honest, I wasn't actually looking for anyone on Tinder." She was on the online dating network to promote herself. In fact, she was on most apps, that could promote her.

Alvina and Marco love tarveling with each other. They have been to beautiful destinations like Bali and Thailand.
Alvina and Marco love tarveling with each other. They have been to beautiful destinations like Bali and Thailand. ( Source : instagram )

Marco ended up commenting on one of Alvina's videos, and the pair talked for around three weeks before finally meeting face-to-face. They had a fun eight-hour first date in which they enjoyed playing tennis and Marco revealed that he was an actor.

The adorable pair smiling at the camera.
The adorable pair smiling at the camera. ( Source : twitter )

Marco helped Alvina a lot to become an actor. She further says, "He has been a huge part of my transition." The beautiful actress and singer has already gained twenty-one credits as an actress to her name. Moreover, she is set to appear in the 2023 series Straight Man.

Alvina and Marco are just as adorable as they were when they first started dating in 2014. With loving snaps of the cute couple popping on their IG, fans are blessed to witness their love and adoration.

1. Their Exciting Trip To Thailand In 2019

Thrilling trip -Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Thrilling trip -Chiang Mai, Thailand. ( Source : instagram )

In January 2019, Alvina shared several pictures of herself with her beloved partner, Marco, on Instagram. The exciting pictures saw the pair having a great time with elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

With a beautiful picture of elephants, the actress captioned the post, "Thank you @elephantnaturepark for the work you do re-habilitating abused elephants."

2. They Got Engaged In June 2019

Engaged!!! Alvina said Yes!!
Engaged!!! Alvina said Yes!! ( Source : instagram )

Fans were screaming when Alvina shared a picture of herself flaunting her dazzling engagement ring. After five years of dating, Marco finally proposed to the love of his life on their thrilling trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Delighted Alvina couldn't stop herself from sharing the big news on her Instagram. As soon as the picture popped up people were quick to congratulate the newly engaged couple. One user said, "You two are made for each other," and the other commented, "Congrats."

3. Remember When Alvina Shared A Cute Birthday Post

Happy Birthday Marco!!
Happy Birthday Marco!! ( Source : instagram )

Alvina never hesitates to pour all her love and appreciation into her fiance. On September 8, 2019, she shared the cutest birthday message for Marco with his dashing photo.

She captioned the post, "Happy Birthday to the man who makes me laugh every day, who makes the most amazing food & is simply the kindest soul I’ve met." She concluded, "My fiance and best friend @themarcograzzini."

4. 2020 Christmas Together

Merry Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas!!! ( Source : instagram )

Alvina and Marco had an amazing time celebrating Christmas together in 2020. Like most of the year, the pair couldn't be with their family in Ontario; however, they decided to celebrate the special day to the fullest with each other.

With a beautiful picture giving all the Christmas vibes, Alvina also thanked her loved ones for being a part of their "virtual bubble."