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Drew Drechsel is still waiting for the final verdict from the Court on the charge of his involvement in unlawful activities with a minor in 2015. 

He is a well-known American owner and American Ninja Warrior champion who has participated in multiple obstacle Sports in the following years. In particular, he started his obstacle sports journey with SASUKE 27 in 2011. Further, he participated in numerous seasons from SAUKE 30 to SAUKE 36. 

Further, he participated in American Ninja Warrior 4 and finished the Southeast Qualifier in second. In addition, he took part in American Ninja Warrior 5, where he completed the qualifying and finals course with the fastest time. 

People have admired his incredible performance in multiple seasons, from American Ninja Warrior 6 to American Ninja Warrior 11. Moreover, he was a competitor for Team USA in the Third American Ninja Warrior International Tournament. 

He was the Last Man Standing in the American Ninja Warrior 10 and won the $100,000 cash prize, where he had total victory in the American Ninja Warrior 11. 

Drew Drechsel won the American Ninja Warrior 11
Drew Drechsel won the American Ninja Warrior 11

Update: American Ninja Warrior Drew Drechsel Verdict In 2022

Drew Drechsel's verdict on the charges of child sex offenses is yet to announce by the court as he is in the jail waiting for trial. According to the FBI investigation, he committed sexual conduct with a minor in New Jersey. Further, investigating team stated that he involved the teen in inappropriate graphic photos and videos. 

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The investigating team charged him with child pornography production and involving the juvenile in inappropriate sexual activities. In particular, he is in the lockup and waiting for the court's last decision at the current date. 

Where Is Drew Drechsel's Girlfriend April Beckner Today?

Drew Drechsel's girlfriend, April Beckner, always prefers to live a low-profile life, where she rarely appears in the public domain. Meanwhile, many people wonder where Beckner is at the current date. However, she has not revealed much information about herself in the public domain in the following years. 

In particular, she participated in the Ninja games in 2017, where she also took part in the championship of the National Ninja League 2017. She used to work as a coach at New Era Gym in Connecticut. She welcomed her first son Korey Kade Derchsel on December 1, 2019, from her relationship with Drechsel. 

Drew Drechsel and April  Beckner welcomed their first son Korey Kade Derchsel on December 1, 2019
Drew Drechsel and April Beckner welcomed their first son Korey Kade Derchsel on December 1, 2019

How Old Is Drew Drechsel? Explored His Age

Drew Drechsel has reached the age of 33 at the current date as he was born on January 6, 1989. He started his obstacle sports career in 2011 with SASUKE 27. However, SASUKE reportedly banned him from the game after his inappropriate activities with minors got revealed on August 4, 2020. 

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He entered the American Ninja Warrior 4 in 2012 and participated in multiple seasons. On the other hand, American Nina Warrior 12 re-edited the footage to remove his appearance.