Hungarian actress Andrea Sooch plays the role of Margaretha Ziegler in Better Call Saul.
Hungarian actress Andrea Sooch plays the role of Margaretha Ziegler in Better Call Saul.( Source : instagram )

Andrea Sooch is a Hungarian-born American actress, licensed therapist, coach, and professor living in the US. Andrea started her career at the age of 6.

The actress is notable for playing the role of Margaretha Ziegler in the crime and legal drama television series Better Call Saul, created by Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan. The series premiered on AMC on February 8, 2015, and ended on Augus5 15, 2022.

She portrayed a Crying Hostage in an episode of the popular drama FBI, created by Craig Turk and Dick Wolf. The same year, Andrea co-directed and starred in the short drama KZ O 2.0 alongside Colm Feore and Georgina Tarjan. 

Andrea appeared as Rive in eleven episodes of the comedy-drama series Claws from 2017 to 2019. The series starred Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, and Judy Reyes and aired on TNT from June 11, 2017, to February 6, 2022.

As a performer and educator, Andrea tells and helps others and rewire their stories. She is multifaceted and believes in the power of performance as a process, a product, and anything in between.

How Old Is Andrea Sooch?

Claws star Andrea Sooch is probably in her 50s, based on her appearance. Andrea discovered her passion for performing at an early age.

She started performing at just six as a child protege violinist. Later, Andrea became a member of the Hungarian Radio and TV's Children Choir. A keen learner, she started working on her skills from a young age and decided to pursue an acting career.

Andrea Sooch Parents

Sooch was born to her loving parents in Budapest, Hungary. She inherited her talent for violin from her violinist mother. Moreover, her beloved father was a mathematics-physics professor.

Her mother, a vocal coach and piano teacher, noticed Andrea's musical abilities early in her childhood. She took her to audition for the Hungarian Radio's and TV's Childre Choir. There she had an incredible eight years from age 6-14 with many benefits.

Andrea is an actress, psychotherapist, and adjunct professor.
Andrea is an actress, psychotherapist, and adjunct professor. "Made in Hungary Crafted in the USA." ( Source : instagram )

Andrea learned to be reliable, professional, and skillful during these years. From among 120 kids, only 25 to 20 kids got to go on big tours like Japan. The actress traveled the world with the choir "even when the borders of Hungary were still closed."

Andrea traveled, loving music and arts and working with her colleagues in a team, creating something meaningful for them and others. She and other kids of the particular school had to satisfy academic expectations at an accelerated speed due to their performing, traveling, and recording schedule.

Andrea's Childhood Memories

Talking about her childhood days, Andrea recalled lots of strawberries, practicing her violin, singing, playing with her little brother, biking with her friends, and picking up fresh cow milk from Auntie Szabo.

She used to love going fishing with her grandfather. Andrea would fall asleep at night while her father would tell stories about Muki (her rubber toothbrush holder Mouse). She had a lot of fun memories of her childhood days.

Andrea is am delighted and excited that The Noel Diary debuts on Netflix on 11/24/2022.
Andrea is am delighted and excited that The Noel Diary debuts on Netflix on 11/24/2022. ( Source : instagram )

Her mother only got six weeks off after she was born. At the time, kids were either sent to the nursery or stayed home with other family members. Andrea's grandmother, a seamstress, quit her job and started to work from home to take care of her.

Andrea's parents and grandparents put together all the forint they had to purchase a small cottage in the village, Agard by Velence Lake. She has fond memories of being in the house from May to September for decades.

Andrea Sooch Left Hungary In 1989

When the Iron Curtain opened in 1989, Andrea Sooch left Hungary and moved to Vienna, Austria’s capital. 

When asked about her decision to leave her home country, Andrea said, "It was coincidental, just aligned timing." "Some streets were deadends, some doors slammed in my face," she added to the question.

A native Hungarian, Andrea is fluent in German and read-write Russian.
A native Hungarian, Andrea is fluent in German and read-write Russian. ( Source : instagram )

The action prompted her to explore other possibilities outside of her homeland. She also said that the Iron Curtain made things easier; however, it was not the reason for her decision. She worked as an actor, dancer, and singer in many musicals in Austria.

While in Vienna she played in many musicals and became friends with many American performers. Among her best friends was a New York girl with an Austrian spouse. They invited her to New York for a three-week vacation in December.

In 1993 American Musical And Dramatic Academy Offered Andrea A Full Scholarship

Andrea accepted her friend's invitation and went on an exciting vacation in New York. She instantly fell in love with the beautiful city and also visited American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). 

She then learned that there were auditions once a year for three days in the academy. "That day was the first day, so I signed up for the third day." Andrea sang the song "The Csardas Queen" from a Hungarian operetta in Hungarian.

Andrea portrays Svetlana in the 2022 film The Noel Diary.
Andrea portrays Svetlana in the 2022 film The Noel Diary. ( Source : instagram )

After a fun vacation, she returned to Europe. She went to Budapest to spend a few weeks with her family. While sitting in the bathtub, she received a call and it was AMDA rining from New York City.

The academy informed her that she was selected for the program. "I almost drowned in soap foam." She told them that she couldn't go back to the scholarship auditions and had no money to pay the $7,000 per semester.

The beautiful actress having a happy time as she clicks some where over the rainbow.
The beautiful actress having a happy time as she clicks some where over the rainbow. ( Source : instagram )

Later the director of the school called Andrea's director of Jesus Christ in Klagenfurt, for a reference. She later learned that they knew and trusted each other. Soon, the actress joined the AMDA's 18-month integrated program with a full scholarship.

She initially had plans to return to Europe after graduation. However, at the end of 1994, She moved to New York. Luckily, she found a place to stay with her friend and soon found her own place. Many people helped her to get jobs and "I had the money for food."

Andrea experienced a tough period in the first six months when she came to New York.

Andrea Sooch Career As An Actor

A native of Hungarian, Andrea Sooch was hired as a singer and dancer at the Vidam Theater in Budapest at the age of 18.

She then got minor roles and had the opportunity to learn from iconic directors and actors. According to her IMDb profile, Andrea made her debut with the television series All My Children. She appeared as Lena in two episodes of the series.

In 2006, she landed the role of Mover in the series The Shield, created by Shawn Ryan. By 2010, she appeared in several other television projects such as Guiding Light, The Day the Bread Turned Green, 100 Years of Evil, and Obe Life to Live.

Andrea enjoying her day with tulips #springishere.
Andrea enjoying her day with tulips #springishere. ( Source : instagram )

Her other television credits include Taxi Brooklyn, Boardwalk Empire, Broad City, Gotham, Last Licks, The Blacklist, Claws, Conrad, New Amsterdam, FBI, Hustle, and The Noel Diary.

Andrea has contributed to the entertainment industry for over two decades and added 26 credits as an actress to her name. Her upcoming projects include Three Women, The Collaboration, and Given Life.

Besides being an actress, she is also a licensed and published clinician. She is trained in drama therapy, psychodrama, and group therapy. From her early days in Budapest, her subsequent career path has taken her to Vienna and Austria.

Andrea is from Budapest, Hungary's capital, and currently lives in New York City. She marked her 25th anniversary in the USA in October 2019.