Andriy Piddubny shared the news that Russian troops fired shot at a civilian vehicle in Bucha, killing at least three. One of them was Anastasiia Yalanskaya.

Although Russians claim they are not targeting civilians and civilian vehicles. It is not entirely true and the news of civilians getting shot is increasing day by day.

One of the victims of civilian firing was Anastasiia who was with two other people in a vehicle. Unfortunately, Russian troops fired point-blank shots killing the three in Bucha.

This is just one of the cases and the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate. Despite Russia's claim of targeting military bases, innocent people are losing their lives in this war.

Ukraine: Who Is Andriy Piddubny? His Age And Wiki Details Explored

Andriy Piddubny is a Ukrainian entrepreneur who has been active in the field of technology for over a decade.

Piddubny's age is unavailable at the moment. He has yet to disclose his age details to the public. Judging from his appearance, Andriy seems to be in his forties.

He attended Grant MacEwan University and graduated in Management & Finance in 2008. He also went to the National Agricultural University of Ukraine in Kyiv and studied there for eight years. 

We could not find his details on Wikipedia either. But we can find his short bio on his LinkedIn bio.

What Is The Job Of Andriy Piddubny? 

Andriy Piddubny is the General Manager at DataRobot. He has been working there for almost 7 and half years at the moment.

DataRobot is an automated machine learning platform that aims to enable the AI-Driven Enterprise via automated machine learning. It is one of the most advanced learning platforms that was built by the world's leading data scientists.

Similarly, Piddubny has been part of many startups that include, Go Interactive, SemanticForce, Emozzi, and many more. He was directly involved in those startups and gained abundant experience from them.

Is Andriy Piddubny Dating Anastasiia Yalansaya?

We have no details on whether Andriy Piddubny and Anastasiia Yallanskaya were dating. But we do know they were colleagues.

Anastasiia was shot dead by the Russian troops in Bucha. She was in a vehicle along with two others who were also killed in the incident. It was an intentional firing as they shot the civilian car within a point-blank distance.

This news quickly spread like wildfire on social media, especially on Twitter. The tweet has been already retweeted almost 35k times and 2.5k quote tweets.