Anika is the talented American actress known as the voice of Princess Tiana
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Anika Noni Rose parents John Rose and Claudia Rose are corporate counselor and housewife respectively. Anika Noni Rose is the only daughter of her mom and dad.

The talented actress is a native of Bloomfield, Connecticut, and has emerged as one of the gifted artists hailed from that area. She has been actively working in the entertainment industry since 1999.

Anika's breakthrough project was the short film King of the Bingo Game, in which she played the role of 'Film Noir Female.' That was only a small role that helped the actress boost her confidence before stepping into the vast world of cinema.

Since then, she has appeared in 63 different projects in major and minor roles, establishing herself as one of the most potent actresses of her generation.

The 50-year-old also got the chance to become the first African-American actress to voice a Disney princess in the 2014 animated series Sofia The First.

She gave the voice to one of the most loved characters ever created by Disney, Princess Tiana, and is returning in a similar role with the 2023 tv-series, Tiana.

Nowadays, she has been rocking the headlines as the actress recently revealed that she had been engaged to movie director Jason Dirden since 2021 and recently publicized her marriage via Brides on January 17, 2023.

Anika Noni Rose Father John Rose Is A Corporate Counselor

Anika Noni Rose parents John Rose and Claudia Rose raised their child in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Anika Noni Rose danced with her father at her wedding.

The actress's father is a hardworking man working as corporate counsel based in Bloomfield. He is a very hardworking man, and the older man did everything in his hand to assist his daughter in becoming one of the most talented actresses in the country.

Anika is also incredibly proud of her father and shares stories about her lovely moments with her old man. However, she is highly concerned about their privacy and hasn't shared a single picture of her mom and dad yet.

Anika photographed with her on-screen children from Let the Right One In
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She tweeted about one such moment in 2019 where she stated that she sits with her dad on the porch on warm days while reading books and sipping coffee. Those kinds of moments are precious for the actress.

The actress also got the chance to enjoy such special moments again when she shared the dance floor with her dad. The duo danced on Balancé by Sara Tavares as a tribute to her old man's Cape Verdean roots.

Anika Noni Rose Family Life

Anika Noni Rose grew up in a family of three with her mom and dad. Anika recently started a family of her own with her husband Jason Dirden.

The Connecticut native has always been tight-lipped about her personal details letting very minimal facts about her close ones be known to people. Not long ago, Anika tweeted an image that included her aunt, Diane Rose.

Her aunt was lost then, and the actress posted that image to seek help from her followers to search and rescue the old lady. Later she updated her followers about the situation, saying she had been found.

Apart from that, she also posted once about her possible brother on Instagram. That image only consisted of his body as the head was cropped out.

Anika married her boyfriend Jason Dirden on October 16, 2022
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She has recently got married to her longtime partner and friend, Jason who has laid a foundation for her new family.

Anika Noni Rose husband Jason Dirden is a Hollywood actor. Jason Dirden and Anika were dating secretly and got married secretly on October 16, 2022.