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Anna Fleischhauer is a freelance journalist and moderator. Recently, she took over the internet with her pregnancy news and people are congratulating her on the good news.

Let's find out more about the journalist and rumors about her pregnancy.

Anna is a talented journalist who loves to present stories of people who are exceptional in their field can be from a wide range of array athletes to creative minds. She is exceptional in her job.

She is loved by people because of her skills to give viewers proper information in an accurate, precise, and compact manner. She has managed to gain the trust of viewers after working for years in the media.

Who Is Anna Fleischhauer Moderatorin? 

Anna is a renowned journalist, who is currently working on RTL and can be seen covering news about sports. Her news coverage is very comprehensive and gives proper information to the viewers in a very respective manner.

She is also very active in event moderation and can be seen addressing a wide variety of events. On her website, she has written that she loves such work because they allow her to have one on one with the audience.

She has said that her job as a television reporter has helped her with online moderation since the Covid pandemic. She is very passionate about her job and has given her entire life so far to her job.

Anna's New Baby With Partner

Anna has been reported to be pregnant, as per the report published by Bild. She has not given many details about the pregnancy so far to the public and media, so the only information available is that she is pregnant.

The father of the child is yet to be told. People have taken over the internet to express their congratulations to the new mother. She has not disclosed the gender of the kid they are expecting.

People can find her on Ins6tagram under the handle name anna__fleischhauer, and has more than 17,000 followers. She can be seen posting pictures from various events and her having fun.

How Many Kids Does She Have?

Anna has only one kid as of now which she is expecting soon. She has not disclosed how months pregnant she is; it likely that she is a few months pregnant because she was recently active on her job.

Anna Fleischhauer posing for picture.
Anna Fleischhauer posing for picture.

She has not disclosed about her partner and father of her child. She is a highly educated woman, who attended the Norf Gymnasium in Neuss. After that, she attended the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn.

In the university, she got her degree in Bachelor's degree in communication sciences and psychology. Finally, she got her Master's degree in "Sports Media and Communication Research" at the German Sport University in Cologne