Meet The Fitness Expert And Entrepreneur Anna Lewandowska
Meet The Fitness Expert And Entrepreneur Anna Lewandowska( Source : instagram )

Anna Lewandowska is a Polish personal trainer, karateka, and entrepreneur who is the wife of Barcelona player Robert Lewandowski. She has won various European, world, and national championships during her athletic career.

Anna has made a name for herself by being a fitness and nutrition expert. She's also written fitness books and starred in workout DVDs.

Also, she's passed on her expertise to her husband, who, according to his former manager, is the fittest, most professional player he's ever worked with.

Anna also has her own company, Foods by Ann, which sells diet and wellness products such as smoothies, vitality bars, and supplements. Anna holds various fitness seminars repeatedly.

Some Quick Facts About Anna Lewandowski

NameAnna Lewandowska
ProfessionFitness and Diet Expert
HusbandRobert Lewandowski
ParentsMarie and Bogdan Stachurski

Anna Lewandowska Net Worth: Career Earnings And Assets Of The Entrepreneur

Anna Lewandowska is a renowned entrepreneur and athlete whose net worth is around $10 million. However, the figure is just an estimate based on her profession.

Besides being the wife of famous footballer Robert Lewandowski, Anna has made a name for herself. Anna has a wonderful house and cars, as per her Instagram. Her multiple brands are also the source of her earnings.

Anna Lewandowska Posing In Her Villa
Anna Lewandowska Posing In Her Villa ( Source : poland )

Lewandowska is a world champion, a European champion, a Polish champion, multiple medalists, a sportswoman, a trainer, and a nutritionist who motivates and inspires millions of Polish women and men.

A mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She is a regular on the list of Poland's wealthiest women and a leader in the Forbes Woman rating for the most known personal brand on her social media and personal media.

However, her husband, Robert, according to sportsbrief has an estimated $85 million in net worth. Robert is among the highest-paid athletes currently playing for Barcelona. 

Early Life Of Anna Lewandowska

Anna Lewandowska is currently 33 years old. She was born in 1988 to her parents, Maria and Bogdan Stachurski.

From an early age, Anna was involved in athletics. She debuted at 13 as two people from a young age inspired her: her uncle Pawel Krzywanski, who was a multiple medalists in world karate competitions, and his daughter Katarzyna.

Anna Was Involved In Karate Before She Became A Fitness Trainer
Anna Was Involved In Karate Before She Became A Fitness Trainer ( Source : telecomasia )

Lewandowska has also worked on a variety of other projects.

She attempts to guide good lifestyle choices and dietary ideas in collaboration with her colleagues. She does it via her blog, Healthy Plan by Ann. She also released her book Live healthy and active with Anna Lewandowska in 2014.

As per her Wikipedia, Anna finished her education when she was 23 years old, and after that, she joined a karate club, won various medals, and in 2013, she became a nutritionist.

Anna Lewandowska's Is Married To Her Husband Robert Lewandowski

After dating for five years, Anna Lewandowska and her husband, Robert Lewandowski, married in 2013. 

Being a fitness expert, Anna looks after her husband's meals; Anna loves to use fresh herbs and spices and avoids all lactose-containing meals. "The essential thing is training and diet," she told Bild.

Robert With His Wife Anna and Their Daughter
Robert With His Wife Anna and Their Daughter ( Source : sportmob )

Everyone knew Lewandowski was destined for greatness. Everyone, from his family to his instructors and even the local priest, was motivated to help him succeed as a child. Anna, his wife, was instrumental in her husband's success.

Robert and Anna are the parents of two lovely daughters. They revealed in December 2016 that they were anticipating their first child. On May 4, 2017, Anna gave birth to her oldest kid, Klara Lewandowska, and three years later, they welcomed another child.