Annelise Cepero is the actress from HBO's Holiday Harmony
Annelise Cepero is the actress from HBO's Holiday Harmony( Source : montclair )

American actress Annelise Cepero and her boyfriend, Darius Jordan, have been together for over half a decade. 

Darius, a professional actor like his girlfriend Annelise, celebrated the couple's sixth anniversary with the sweetest message for his beau on Instagram.

Hailing from Yonkers, New York, Annelise rose to fame with the musical crime drama, West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg. Before that, she appeared as Maria Guerra in eighth season of NBC's police procedural drama Chicago P.D. 

Soon, we'll be able to see the actress on HBO's upcoming holiday-themed movie Holiday Harmony. The rom-com featuring Annelise as singer-songwriter Gail releases on 24 November 2022.

Annelise Cepero's Boyfriend Darius Jordan is The Actor From The Last O.G.

Holiday Harmony's actress Annelise Cepero's long-time partner Darius Jordan, is a New York-based actor.

Darius Jordan is a well-known actor-singer and a dancer as well. He has performed at professional regional houses across the United States and has acted on TV, and numerous short films and commercials in the NYC area.

The actor appeared in Season 4 of TBS's comedy series, The Last O.G. The actor guest starred in the episode Know Thyself as Damani Davis in 2021.

More recently, the actor played one of the leads on Netflix's 2022 docu-series The Andy Warhol Diaries. Based on the non-fiction book by Andy Warhol of the same name, the series follows Andy documenting his life and feelings after he got shot in 1968.

Actor Darius Jordan Lee has appeared in The Last O.G., Power Book II and Modern Love.
Actor Darius Jordan Lee has appeared in The Last O.G., Power Book II and Modern Love. ( Source : m )

Darius played Jean-Michel Basquiat in three episodes of the television documentary. The documentary was released on Netflix back in March with a total of six episodes.

The New York-based actor has done small yet significant roles in various TV shows. He appeared as Rayo in Starz Network's crime thriller series Power Book II.

He co-starred in Amazon Studio's Modern Love alongside Anne Hathaway, Kit Harrington, Tina Fey, and Andy Garcia. The TV Series landed one prime-time Emmy awards nominations.

Annelise Cepero and Boyfriend Darius Jordan's Relationship Through the Years

Actor couple Annelise Cepero and Darius Jordan began dating each other since their college years.

The college sweethearts attended Montclair State University in New Jersey and pursued BFA in Musical Theatre. The couple's shared interests in life and career seem to have brought the couple closer.

Annelise and Darius began dating at the end of 2015 and have been inseparable since. They celebrate their anniversary on December 29. What better time than the Holidays to start a new Romance!

Both the actors seem quite enchanted with each other and constantly share pictures of the couple on their socials. The lovely pair will embark on their seventh year of partnership as of 2022.

Darius Took to His Instagram to Celebrate The Couple's 6th Anniversary 

Darius shared a lovely picture of the couple on Instagram to celebrate their 6th anniversary. He is on Instagram as @dariusjordanlee with 11.7K followers.

Darius claimed it was love at first sight for him when he saw Annelise walking on the campus with her mother on the first day. He knew he needed to befriend her or,more like, if he could have her number somehow.

Annelise and Darius began dating since December 2015.
Annelise and Darius began dating since December 2015. ( Source : instagram )

Darius, in the caption wrote further,"And look at us now baby. 6 years in the game together and only so much more to come. You’re my Rock, my Best Friend, my Everything and I wouldn’t want it any other way the next year or next. Forever and always baby"

Annelise also commented on the post with, "my everything. I can’t wait for next year, and the next, and the next . To us baby". To which Darius replied, "I love you MOST baby girl" with a series of heart emojis.

Look at Annelise and Darius's Relationship Through Their Instagram Pictures

Annelise and Darius's relationship has exceptionally grown over the years which one can observe whille scrolling through the couple's Instagram feed.

From the most beautiful birthday and anniversary wishes for each other to the couple chasing waterfalls and relaxing on the beach, the couple is living their lives to the fullest. Let's look at the glimpses of the couple's lives shared on Instagram.

1. Annelise made her relationship Instagram official with her long-time partner Darius Jordan in 2019, four years after the pair started dating. On July 23, she shared multiple pictures of her and Darius where both of them are smiling their hearts out. The couple seems quite cozy and comfortable in each other's arms. 

Annelise and Darius in 2019.
Annelise and Darius in 2019. ( Source : instagram )

2. Darius shared first picture of the couple on his Instagram in August of the same year. The couple were on a vacation in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico. They both look relaxed in their beach wears and enjoying their time away from work. Darius included some fun hashtags such as #baecation #cancun #relaxation #vitaminsea.

Annelise and Darius vacationing in Cancun, Mexico.
Annelise and Darius vacationing in Cancun, Mexico. ( Source : instagram )

3. Annelise is the perfect girlfriend supporting her partner Darius on his every career mile-stones. The proud girlfriend claimed to be lucky to watch the love of her life debut on Broadway along with supportive friends and family. She posted the pictures of Ain't Too Proud Musical, Darius's first Broadway show. 

Annelise on her caption wrote" Baby watching you do your was as if you’ve been up there your whole life, I am just over the moon for you. This is only the beginning!"

Annelise attending Darius's first Broadway Show.
Annelise attending Darius's first Broadway Show. ( Source : instagram )

4. Theatre artist couple, Annelise and Darius, seem to have fun together in artistic ways as well. In the couple of pictures and a video posted by Annelise in July 2021, Darius is seen freestyling while he is driving a car and she is flaunting her choreography skills on the passenger seat.

Annelise and Darius love to freestyle and choreograph on their own.
Annelise and Darius love to freestyle and choreograph on their own. ( Source : instagram )

5. The most recent image of the couple is from this year's Halloween. The image was posted on Annelise's Instagram @annelisecepero. Darius and Annelise are dressed up as the characters from the horror comedy, The Addams Family. She hilariously captioned the picture, "Strange, Deranged, The Adam’s Family."

Darius and Annelise dressed up for Halloween 2022.
Darius and Annelise dressed up for Halloween 2022. ( Source : instagram )