Annie and Ben celebrated their 14th marriage anniversary on April 20, 2021
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Annie Maynard husband Ben Gurton is a professional freelance musician. Ben Gurton started his career as a music tutor in January 1998.

The talented musician has a stunning partner who is one of the most gifted actresses in the Australian showbiz industry. Annie has been actively working in the entertainment industry since 2005 and has been part of some notable projects.

Her breakthrough project was the 1998 TV series All Saints, of which she became a part only in 2005. She appeared only in a single episode of the show as a short-lived character Misty Browne.

Despite having minimal screen time, she showed her acting capabilities in that series, landing her several important as well as lead characters in the future.

Since then, she has appeared in 22 different projects, marking her as one of Australia's most influential and talented actresses.

Ben Gurton Is A Sydney Based Freelance Musician

Annie Maynard husband Ben Gurton is a talented Australian music teacher and composer. Ben Gurton started composing and producing music in January 2010.

The musician hails from Sydney, New South Wales, and is undoubtedly one of the most excellent musicians that the country has got. He specializes in playing trombones but also knows the basics of other musical instruments.

Ben's love for music started when he witnessed Adelaide Symphony Orchestra playing Meet The Orchestra in year three.

He was fascinated by the music instantly from that day, and he wanted to learn the basics of playing the trombone as the musician found that instrument most fascinating.

Ben and his friends Matthew Ottignon and Dane Laboyrie photographed ahead of their first Thebarton Theatre show in 2019
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As a result, he started taking music classes after he reached year five, and his dedication to the instrument was so intense that Ben played some notes that were not supposed to be played by a year five student.

This laid the foundation for his successful musical career, which has rarely seen a dip since its start. He completed his bachelor's in music from the University of Adelaide in 1997 and immediately started working as a freelance musician.

Apart from music, Ben also owned two health clinics of which he was the manager. He led a team of eleven and managed day-to-day operations, including full compliance with the council and medical regulations.

However, he discontinued his new job as a manager after 19 months of assuming the position and only focused on polishing his music capabilities.

Annie Was A Fan Of Her Husband

Annie and Ben have a fascinating love story that can only be found in fairy tales and movies. The actress met her partner as a fan who was attending his concert while she was in year 12.

She was heavily boosed that day and was extremely embarrassed by her physical state as she could not stay on her senses because of the alcohol. However, they got to know each other, and the couple was even together on her 18th birthday.

Immediately after that, Annie informed her future spouse that they couldn't be together because of her exams. The lad respected her feelings and made no contact with her for almost five years.

Ben and Annie first met ahead of her 18th birthday
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By god's grace, the love birds met again while Annie was studying in her third year at NIDA in Sydney. Soon, they started dating, and this time Ben wasted no time to propose his darling when she reached 25 in 2007.

They got married in the presence of their friends and family on April 20, 2007. They have completed 15 years of togetherness and now share a seven years old son, Toby.

Her Family Life With Her Partner Of 15 Years

Annie Maynard grew up in a family of four including her mom, dad, grandpa and herself. Annie Maynard is the only child of her parents.

The actress was raised with optimal care and attention by her parents in a strict environment. As mentioned in her interview with SMH in 2019, her mom and dad were university teachers and had their first interaction there.

After seeing each other for a few years, they decided to get married. As soon as the excellent news flourished in the family, they were devastated to witness that Annie grandfather, Bill, had been hit by a stroke as a result, had been paralyzed on one side of his body.

Annie's parents celebrated their 48th marriage anniversary in 2020
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The newly married-couple took Bill under their umbrella and started taking care of him. However, he eventually had to go to the nursing home care as the medical facility and services there were much better.

While being a native of Australia, Annie also got a chance to spend some portion of her early years outside the country.

Due to her father's job, the family had to move to Canada, but little Annie got sick with asthma, so she and her mother immediately rushed to their home country.

Her father couldn't hold himself alone in the foreign country, so he swiftly completed his duties and eventually reunited with the family in Australia.

Annie took to Instagram to share a lovely family photo with her spouse and son
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As of now, she is married to the love of her life and has started a family of her own. As mentioned previously, Ben is an excellent musician, and they have been in love for more than two decades.

The couple is blessed with an eight-year-old son, Tobey, who is getting his primary education in Australia. The couple also has a dog, Chester, who occasionally appears on the actress's Instagram handle.

Annie In Colin from Accounts

Annie Maynard can be seen as Yvette in the Australian rom-com Colin from Accounts. The show was made available on December 1 2022 on Binge.

The story revolves around two people who cross each other's pathers in a very unusual setting. The show's lead character, Gordon, is shown as a guy in his forties who has been going through various issues in his life.

Likewise, another lead character, Ashley, is also strangled in a similar situation as she just broke up with her ex. They meet each other while dealing with their tedious life issues, and this interaction creates moments that make audiences laugh and roll on the floor.

The story starts as Gordon drives by a place where he spots Ashley on the sidewalk. She gives a hilarious response to him, leading him to crash the car into a poor dog.

After all, this has happened, they decide to treat the dog, and to do so, they have to ask for a favor from Yvette. This character is played by none other than the talented actress Annie Maynard.

Annie photographed with Harriet and Patrick who are the leads of Colin from Accounts
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Yvette is coincidently the ex-girlfriend of Gordon, with whom he has lots of tension. On top of that, he had to ask for her help despite being cold in their relationship, making several chuckle-worthy moments for the audience.

Annie has appeared in three episodes of the show in one of the most important supporting roles. The show has accumulated more than 8 on IMDb ratings and still is in high demand despite being released nearly 45 days back.

All the episodes of this Australian rom-com can be watched at once on Binge from any corner of the world as there are no geographical restrictions on the platform.