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Netizens are seeking Hollywood architect Jeffrey Cooper's Wikipedia since he was recently found guilty on three counts of child molestation. Discover the details on charges and his sentencing.

Jeffrey Cooper is a well-acclaimed studio architect. He is also recognized as a member of the honorary organization, Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences.

Cooper has been a part of Hollywood for decades and he maintained a good reputation until 2018. That year, a victim finally spoke up about the sexual abuse that she faced at the hands of Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was then arrested but he got out on bail. However, after 4 years, he was found guilty of molestation charges of minors and children. Since the trial concluded, people are furious with him.

Who Is Architect Jeffrey Cooper? Academy Member Wikipedia and Bio

Hollywood studio architect Jeffrey Cooper does not have his bio mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

He grew up in the U.S and earned his degree in a sound architecture. Following that, he started working in the entertainment sector and earned huge fame.

Cooper is best known for his contributions to acoustics and theatre design. Previously, he was a part of the City of Calabasas Architectural Review Panel.

Moreover, Jeffrey is the co-founder of the Calabasas Shul. He is also associated with the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences for a long time.

Jeffrey Cooper Found Guilty on Child Molestation Charges

Jeffrey Cooper was found guilty on three counts of molestation charges on 20 May 2022.

The first child molestation case against him was reported in 2018. Following that, another victim conveyed the same about him. The sufferers were aged 14 or younger at the time of the incident. 

Cooper denied any wrongdoings and pleaded not guilty. As per The Acorn, both the victims were molested at his home, be it lower-level music studio or other rooms.

Jeffrey was arrested in 2018 without bail and was considered a flight risk. But he was released soon after on a bond of $5 Million and the molestation case's trial was due.

Cooper's two-week criminal trial began on 9 May 2022 at the L.A Superior Court in Van Nuys. Finally, the jury found him guilty of three counts of molestation on 20 May 2022.

Jeffrey has been sent to the county jail and his sentencing will happen on 1 June where he can face up to 12 years in prison.

What Is Jeffrey Cooper Age?

Jeffrey Cooper is currently aged 70 years old and his birthday details are obscure.

However, he is lawfully an American citizen who resides in Calabasas. Moreover, he seems to hail from a white ethnic background.

Meet Jeffrey Cooper Wife And Children

Architect Jeffrey Cooper's wife and children are probably disappointed since he was found guilty.

He is wedded to his gorgeous wife, Shelley Cooper of multiple decades. The two appeared to have incredible chemistry and happy married life.

However, since the trial concluded, people are thinking otherwise. Cooper was unfaithful towards his partner as he molested several young girls from age 6 to 14.

Further, Jeffrey is the father of a child. He has a handsome and grown-up son named Ben Cooper.

Jeffrey Cooper Net Worth Exposed

Jeffrey Cooper has a net worth of multiple millions but the precise sum is not disclosed.

He was active in Hollywood for decades. Moreover, he has contributed a lot from his side and he will always be appreciated for it.