Arden Cho promoting her show on Netflix called Partner Track
Arden Cho promoting her show on Netflix called Partner Track ( Source : instagram )

Does Arden Cho have a husband or a boyfriend in 2022? Her silence about her personal life has made her fans and media curious about her married life.

American actress, singer, and model Arden Cho is best known for playing Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf. However, in the 2010 short film Agents of Secret Stuff, she also had the starring role.

She relocated to Los Angeles after her trip to Kenya and worked odd jobs while attempting to pursue an acting career. Cho has appeared in American and Asian movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Her first agency signed her up even though she had no cinematic credentials at the time, owing to her extensive musical and physical skills, including ballet, cello, piano, and more.

Quick Facts

Age37 years old
Years active2006 - present

Arden Cho's Husband And Personal Life - Is She Ever Married?

Arden Cho reportedly dated Samuel Juno Park. Some people have also speculated that the actress is married and has a personal life with the rapper.

Arden Cho and Ryan Higa were in a relationship in the past
Arden Cho and Ryan Higa were in a relationship in the past ( Source : answersafrica )

Like many actresses, Arden has also not revealed much about her love life. However, fans of both celebs are delighted that the couple is together, even if they hadn't specified when they started dating.

On February 16, 2021, Arden shared a picture of the couple snuggling and expressed her gratitude to Junoflo for making her valentine's memorable.

In a brief introduction to Junoflo, he was born in Fullerton, California, on September 25, 1992. He gained notoriety in 2016 after competing in the South Korean survival reality series Show Me The Money 5.

Ryan Higa, a YouTuber and the actress Arden dated before Arden started dating Samuel Juno Park. Before becoming well-known as an actor, Cho had appeared in many of Higa's short videos.

How Much Is Arden Cho's Net Worth?

Arden Cho has appeared in a few projects in the movie sector, so she is just starting to amass a net worth. However, she has appeared in many projects.

Arden Cho captured this photo in New York during her visit
Arden Cho captured this photo in New York during her visit ( Source : instagram )

Although American actresses have millions of dollars in net worth from long-acting careers and endorsements, Arden has not found such success and status as of 2022.

Based on research, a new actress in the American film industry make around $49,001 per project. However, the estimation is not accurate for all the actresses.

However, based on her experience and projects from her career, she may have a job earning around a million. In addition, she has gained a reputation for acting and has a decent fan following.

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Arden Cho Is Thirty-Seven Years Of Age

Arden Cho is currently 37, as she was born on August 16, 1985, in Amarillo, Texas, U.S. She was reared in San Antonio and Plano, Texas, after being taken to Korean-American parents in Amarillo, Texas.

She frequently felt alien growing up in communities with few ethnic minorities. Eva Jin, an actress of the same origin, has received decent success in the Hollywood film industry. 

She was physically assaulted when she was young, suffered injuries, and was twice admitted to the hospital. Later, she went to Apple Valley High School in Minnesota.

The actress decided to pursue a legal career and enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She registered there for her first theatrical classes and became interested in the field.

She also participated in the Asian American Association's Fashion Show, exposing her to a wider range of Asian American cultures. In 2007, she received her psychology degree.

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