Joseph Baena Life Transformed After He Found Out That He Is The Son Of Arnold
Joseph Baena Life Transformed After He Found Out That He Is The Son Of Arnold( Source : ladbible )

Joseph Baena is a real estate agent, an actor, a fitness model, and a bodybuilder. He is the son of Mildred Patricia Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although he was the son of Arnold, Joseph refused to take his father's last name.

In 2011, he gained fame everywhere after Arnold, then-Governor of California, opened up about having conceived him during his affair with Mildred, a former household staffer.

Baena was included on the cover of the March 2022 issue of Men's Health, featuring his familial bonding with his father and fitness practices. He lifts weights, a gift from his father. Baena is a Dancing with the Stars competitor for the 31st season.

"The young Arnold kid states that he is not just bringing down the "dancing floor" but also breaking down the boundaries in his family," to free himself from judgments and create his grounds. His flexibility, body type, and fitness training do not adapt him well to dance.

In this article is the story of Joseph Baena, his parents, and how he learned about being Arnold's son.

Some Interesting Facts About Joseph Baena

NameJoseph Baena
ProfessionBodybuilder, Real estate and fitness expert
FatherArnold Schwarzenegger
MotherMildred Baena
GrandparentsGustav and Aurelia Schwarzenegger

Joseph Baena Parents Are Arnold Schwarzenegger And Mildred Patricia Baena

Born to parents Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patricia Baena, Joseph Baena learned about his father much later. He was born because of the affair between Arnold and his mother, who was a housemaid back in time.

Schwarzenegger reportedly discovered Joseph was his son when he was eight years old and began to resemble the former California Governor. Baena grew up in Bakersfield, California, home the Terminator actor purchased in 2010.

Schwarzenegger's affair with Mildred remained secret until the day after he quit as governor of California in 2011. Following the news, Schwarzenegger's ex-wife, Maria Shriver, filed for divorce from him.

Joseph Resembles Of His Father When He Was Young
Joseph Resembles Of His Father When He Was Young ( Source : foxnews )

While the bodybuilder said that dealing with the media was challenging, he emphasized the importance of his bond with his mother, Mildred. "He stated that his mother Mildred was the only person he had, and vice versa," Baena told Men's Health.

Mildred's location is unknown since Arnold's former lover has chosen to live a private life after everything. However, Joseph disclosed in an Instagram post in 2017 that Mildred had graduated from culinary school.

Joseph expressed joy by posting a photo on Instagram with the message "Proud of her." 

Baena, like his father, dabbled in acting with a short YouTube movie titled Bad to the Bone, a replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as the Terminator. Last year, the young bodybuilder was set to star in a mini-series called Off the Grid.

Joseph Baena Grandparents

After Joseph knew about his father, Arnold, he also found that he had a grandparent. Gustav Schwarzenegger, his grandpa, was a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party, which affected Arnold later in life before his demise in 1972.

Joseph's father was the second son of Gustav and Aurelia Schwarzenegger. Arnold's father was the local police chief. His grandpa joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party after the Anschluss in 1938, then the Sturmabteilung in 1939. (SA).

Grandparents Of Joseph Baena
Grandparents Of Joseph Baena ( Source : the-sun )

During WWII, his grandfather rose to the rank of Hauptfeldwebel while serving as a military policeman in invasions of France, Poland, and the Soviet Union, such as the siege of Leningrad. He was injured during the Battle of Stalingrad and was discharged in 1943 due to malaria.

According to papers discovered by the Los Angeles Times in 2003 from the Austrian State Archives, Gustavo willingly applied to join the Austrian National Socialist Party (ANP) just eleven days before the nation was seized. After being conquered on March 12, 1938, Austria became a component of Germany.

At age 65, his grandfather passed away from a stroke in Austria, where he was sent as a police officer. His grandmother also demised of a heart attack in August 1998 when visiting Weiz Cemetery, where her husband was buried; she is also buried close to him.

Joseph Baena Siblings And Cousins

Joseph Baena has four half-siblings. Arnold got married to Maria Shriver in 1986, and the couple had four children: Patrick Schwarzenegger, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger, and Christopher Schwarzenegger.

Arnold and Maria raised their children until their separation in 2011. Following Arnold's divorce, it was found that the A-lister had fathered another kid called Joseph Baena 14 years previously.

While that circumstance caused ups and downs for the renowned family, Joseph blended in perfectly with Arnold's elder children. Joseph effortlessly connected with the family, and Arnold couldn't be happier to be the father of his five children.

The Siblings Of Joseph Baena
The Siblings Of Joseph Baena ( Source : menshealth )

Katherine, the eldest sibling of Joseph, is an author with three books to her credit. From the University of Southern California, she got her graduation. She is also an ambassador in an organization that works for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Christina, his second cousin, is a Georgetown University graduate who has followed in her parent's footsteps in Hollywood. She and her mother, Maria, co-produced Take Your Pills in 2018.

Patrick, his younger brother, is only in his late twenties and is already an actor, model, and owner of his own clothing company. At the same time, the younger one hasn't yet played a part in big action blockbusters but has appeared in films such as Midnight Sun, Grown Ups 2, as well as Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Maria and Arnold's final kid together. Chris is far more low-key than the former couple's eldest children since he never pursued a career in Hollywood. He has, however, attended countless events with his family.

Some Facts About Joseph Baena

Joseph Baena Is On DWTS Season 31

Joseph Baena is ready to win the DWTS! The 24-year-old athlete and actor will compete in season 31 of Dancing With the Stars, which premiered on September 19. Joseph will be paired with the reigning DWTS winner, Daniella Karagach.

Joseph Baena Is Also A Real Estate Agent

Joseph works in real estate in addition to performing. In 2021, he began working as a real estate agent. Joseph also has an Instagram account that showcases all of the available homes. Joseph promotes the page on Instagram.

Joseph Baena Has Started Acting

Joseph made his film debut in the movie Chariot in 2022. He has completed production on the film Called to Duty. Encounters is presently under production. Joseph indicated that he does not rely on his father's name to succeed in life.

"When Joseph goes to auditions, the film crew usually has no idea about his identity since he and his father don't share the same last name.

Joseph Flexing His Biceps
Joseph Flexing His Biceps ( Source : instagram )

Joseph Baena Has A Nice Relationship With His Half-Siblings

Though Joseph came late to their family of Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilder quickly built a bond with his family members.

His father, Arnold is very happy to see him being close to the family member.

Joseph Baena Is A Graduate

In 2019, Joseph graduated from Pepperdine University. During his undergraduate years, Joseph majored in business and joined a fraternity. Arnold was there during Joseph's graduation.

Arnold commended him on his four years of hard work at Pepperdine University studying business.

Joseph Baena Looks Like His Dad Arnold

Joseph is a hardworking gym freak like his dad, and also looks very similar to him. 

Baena exercises six days a week for two hours every session, plus 20 minutes of fasted cardio in the mornings, according to his fitness plan.

Some FAQs

Who Are Joseph Baena Parents?

Born to parents Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Patricia Baena, Joseph. Baena was born because of the affair between Arnold and his mother,.

Who Are The Grandparents of Joseph Baena?

Joseph grandparents are Gustav and Aurelia Schwarzenegger. his grandpa, was a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

What Are The Name Of Joseph Baena Siblings?

Joseph Baena has four half-siblings, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger, and Christopher Schwarzenegger.