Aubrey Plaza does not know how to speak Spanish. Fans noticed her Spanish-speaking skills in Parks and Recreation episode.

In Parks and Recreation, a political satire mockumentary, Plaza's character comes from a Hispanic family, as does she on her paternal side.

In some scenes, the actress was given lines in Spanish, and fans quickly noticed that she did not sound like a native speaker.

Plaza was born and brought up in Wilmington, Delaware, United States, and has two younger sisters, Natalie and Renee. For over a decade, she has carved out a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her outstanding acting skills.

Aubrey's breakout role as April Ludgate in the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation gained worldwide recognition.

Since then, fans have shown keen interest in the talented actor as she is constantly fielding questions about her personal life and now about her roots.

Does Aubrey Plaza Speak Spanish?

No, Aubrey Plaza doesn't speak fluent Spanish but she did speak the language in one of the episodes of Parks and Rec.

The actress cleared the curiosity of her fans in an interview with the Los Angeles Times es Espanol in 2020. She blames her father, David Plaza, an attorney, and grandfather, Ismael, because she doesn't speak Spanish.

Yes, despite Plaza's half ancestry being rooted in Puerto Rican descent, she is not as fluent in Spanish as she would like. However, her mother, Bernadette Plaza, is of Irish and English descent. Aubrey has also said that she has Taino ancestry.

Though Plaza does not speak Spanish, she is very proud of her Puerto Rican roots
Though Plaza does not speak Spanish, she is very proud of her Puerto Rican roots ( Source : instagram )

In the interview, Aubrey shared that her grandfather did not want his kids to speak Spanish in Philadelphia, so her father never learned well enough to teach his kids. She said, "But it's my fault. I'm an adult, and I need to learn it."

However, Aubrey can understand it perfectly. Whenever she is around her family members who would talk in Spanish, she often finds herself replying in English because she is not that confident with the language.

Plaza has admitted in other interviews that she was working on her Spanish. Her dedication seems to have paid off, as her Spanish lines in Emily the Criminal was reviewed as "crystal clear" by the website Latino Rebels.

Aubrey photographed attending the premiere
Aubrey photographed attending the premiere ( Source : instagram )

Though Plaza does not feel confident with the Spanish language, she is very proud of her Puerto Rican roots and mentions her family any chance she gets. She has a huge extended family and lots of cousins in Puerto Rico.

Additionally, having been born and raised in Delaware, US, Aubrey might not have got the chance to brush up on her Spanish language. However, this may not be very pleasant for any bilingual readers hoping to engage Aubrey in a purely Spanish-driven conversation.

How Many Languages Can Aubrey Speak?

Aubrey grew up in Wilmington Delaware so she is fluent in English. Aubrey does not speak Spanish but is working on the language.

In July 2016, Plaza and Alexander Skarsgard appeared as guests in Watch What Happens Live. Both actors spoke some Swedish to each other.

Alexander is Swedish, so it was understandable for her to speak the language. However, Aubrey had no experience of communicating in that language so fans assumed that she might have picked some while making Welcome to Sweden.

Plaza has also spent nearly a year in Italy for work. During her appearance on TODAY with Hodda & Jenna, the actress and comedian said, "I should speak better Italian than I do." She was in Sicily filming the popular HBO series The White Lotus.

Aubrey plays the role of Emily in Emily the Criminal (2022).
Aubrey plays the role of Emily in Emily the Criminal (2022). ( Source : instagram )

When asked how to vacation in Italy, Aubrey replied, "Don't hold back. Try everything, go everywhere. Speak Italian. Go to dinner late. Stay for five hours. Have another drink." She has also been to Italy filming Spin Me Round before The White Lotus.

Aubrey's character Harper Spiller goes to Sicily on the new season of the HBO series
Aubrey's character Harper Spiller goes to Sicily on the new season of the HBO series ( Source : instagram )

In the series, Aubrey played the role of Kat and appeared alongside Alison Brie, Debby Ryan, and others.