Audrey Holcomb, age 21, only got brief screentime in the much loved 'Stranger Things' but has definitely made a huge mark on the audience.

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that has become a cultural phenomenon. However, the program and the streamer appear to be headed in separate directions as the Eighties horror spoof returns this week after a nearly three-year hiatus.

Netflix is shrinking, but Stranger Things is growing.

How Old Is Audrey Holcomb From Stranger Things 4?

The 'Stranger Things' actress, Audrey Holcomb is 21 years old. She was born on 7 July 2000 and her star sign is cancer as per her birth details. True to her zodiac, she is temperamental, emotional, and devoted.

In a show featuring teenagers, she plays the older sister of the age group of lead characters. Millie Bobby Brown is 18 years old, Fin Wolfhard and Gaten are 19 years old, Sadie Sink and Caleb both are 20 years old but Noah Schnapp being 17 years old is the youngest of them all. 

Hence, we can see even though she plays the older one, she is not much older than the 6 leads.

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Audrey Holcomb Is The Actress Playing Eden In 'Stranger Things'

Audrey Holcomb is a relatively new face in the showbiz world even though she has worked in short films before. She is one of the many new casts in the 4th season. of the applauded 'Stranger Things'. 

The show was released in the year 2016 and on May 27, 2022, Netflix threw its new season. Audrey portrays the character of Suzie Bingham's elder sister Eden. You must remember her as the cute girlfriend of your very own Dustin. 

In the 3rd season, one of the major highlights was the brief introduction of Dustin-Suzzie's romance in the last episode. This part has the extended establishment on it and of course on Suzzie's life. 

Eden is seen babysitting her chaotic family in the episode by the Scooby gang from California. Suzie's hacking abilities are needed by the group, so they start seeking her. Even with two minutes of screentime, Audrey manages to shine. Twitter is all in praises of the actress. 


Audrey Holcomb Wikipedia Bio

As per IMDb, she has appeared in shows like 'Musical Hearts,' '3 Minutes,' 'This Is Home,' and 'Junior Guards.' However, the focus says that 'Stranger Things' is her biggest credit to date.

Holcomb is all set to star in a movie called 'American Cherry' as Corinna Hoffman. This will release next year and the actress only seems to go onwards and upwards after the applauding she's been getting as Eden.