Audrey(left) and her mom Mary(right) in a single frame
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Audrey Holcomb mother Mary Beth Holcomb and father Ron Holcomb raised her with three siblings. Mary is a writer.

Audrey is well known for her role in Netflix's most popular show Stranger Things, as Eden Bellingham. She is an American actress born to her parents on July 7, 2000, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has also been part of different short films such as Musical Hearts. This is Home, 3 Minutes, and Junior Guards.

After her role in Stranger Things, she was cast in the movie "American Cherry," released in March 2023. The actress has been active in the industry since 2015.

Audrey has around 155k followers on her Instagram and has 814 followers and goes by the name @audreyeholcomb.

Audrey Mom Mary Resides In Atlanta With Her Family

Audrey Holcomb mother Marybeth Holcomb currently resides in Atlanta. Mary was born on January 30.

Mary works as a writer and writes articles on the different subject matter. Her recent work on Parenting, Salon, and Thought Catalog has appeared in The Washington Post.

Her article was titled "On Letting go of children and our youth" and described the transition period of toddlers to teenagers.

She advised enjoying every moment and has mentioned it in her article in The Washington Post as, "Enjoy every moment! It goes so fast!" falling away from strangers' lips, occasionally replaced by sour stares or raised eyebrows."

Mary and Rick enjoying their early anniversary dinner on June 14, 2018
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Mary celebrates her birthday with her partner, family, and relatives yearly. Recently her daughter Audrey wished her a "Happy Birthday" on her Instagram sharing their childhood picture.

She thanked her mother for taking her to the orthodontist. Mary replied to her, saying, "You are adorable."

Holcomb can be seen involved in a donation charity program and hosts different donation awareness programs where she raises funds for charity.

She is also fond of dogs; she has four in her backyard. Mary sometimes shares her adorable photos with her pets on her social media.

Mary can be seen active on her Instagram and Facebook. She can also be found at and about

Her Father Rick Loves Cycling And Roaming In Nature

Audrey Holcomb father Rick Holcomb is fond of cycling. Rick and his partner Mary have been together for almost three decades.

Rick tends to maintain his low-key lifestyle away from the public eye though he is a dad of a celebrity kid. He always is private regarding his professional life.

Rick and Mary took an adorable selfie enjoying their time together in 2018
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As per his Facebook, he loves to travel around different country sides with his bicycle and enjoys nature. Rick always shares photos and videos during his ride on his social media. 

Recently, he went to Rabuncounty side with his cycle and said, "still warm, but feeling fall."  Rick is also involved in charity work, as he can donate or raise funds for different causes. 

In 2019, his partner wished him their 25th anniversary. The words she shared wishing him showed that they are enjoying their blissful life together till now. 

On Father's day, Audrey wishes her dad "Happy Father's day" by sharing her photo with the dad when she was little on Instagram.

Audrey Enjoys To Spend Her Leisure Time With Her Siblings

Audrey Holcomb siblings are Forrest Holcomb, Sadie Holcomb, and Brooks Holcomb. They travel together for their vacation.

Among four of them, Brooks is the eldest in the family as he was born on December 10, 1998. Sadie was born on April 3, 2002, whereas Forrest was born on November 2.

Audrey with her family enjoying their holidays together on June 18, 2022
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They all are quite active on their respective social media handles but tends to enjoy their account far away from the public eye. 

Recently on her Instagram, she posted her picture with her youngest brother during their trip to Llafranc.

Her family enjoys every festive occasion together as Mary posted her family photo during the occasion of Thanksgiving day on her Facebook, wishing "Happy Thanksgiving Day."

Audrey Holcomb portrayed the character of Eden Bingham. She is the daughter of strictly religious parents.

Eden's father's name was Mr.Bringham. Eddie has seven siblings altogether, and she is the oldest among all. Mark Rowe starred as Bringham in the series.

Along with his introduction in the fourth season, her sister Suzie, who was Dustin's girlfriend, was also introduced together at the same time. His father was a religious leader who strictly followed his belief that God exists everywhere.

The whole stranger things cast enjoying together during their shoot at the sets
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Bringham destroyed his daughter Suzie's desktop when she began considering the rare existence of God. Her father used to stay in Salt lake City, Utah, with his eight children. His wife is unclear in the series, either alive or not.

Her dad used to work in his home office and ignores the children running with his door locked.

His elder son Eden keeps frustrated by his younger siblings and the lack of assistance from her sister Suzie who is always busy on her computer in her room.

Her other brothers and sisters include Suzie, Cornelius, Tanner, Tabitha, Sterling, Tatum, and the youngest of all, Peter.