August Alsina was in a romantic relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith in the past years. Does August Alsina have a wife? Let's find out if Jada Pinkett had cheated on her partner Will Smith. 

August Alsina is a talented American singer and rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. Thousands of people have loved his fusion of R&B and Hip-hop in the following years.

Further, many audiences liked all his three studio albums, such as Testimony 2014, This Thing Called Life 2015, and The Product III: State of Emergency 2020. 

In particular, he has won the BET award as the Best New Artist for I Luv This Shit in 2014. Further, he was honored with Coca-Cola Viewers'Choice Award in 2014 for the same song. In addition, he got a nomination for best R&B/Pop Artist in 2015. 

Does August Alsina Have A Wife? Jada Pinkett Smith Cheating Partner

August Alsina has become the hot topic in the town due to his reaction regarding Will Smith's aggressive attack on Chris Rock on the 2022 Oscar.

Meanwhile, many wonder if he has a wife at the current date. Looking at his social media activities, he does not have a wife at the present date. 

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Jada Pinkett Smith was in a romantic relationship with August Alsina for some time when Jaga Pinkett and Will Smith were separated a few years back. Many accused Pinkett Smith of cheating on her partner, whereas Jada mentioned she reconciled with Will Smith after she parted away with Alsina. 

How Old Is August Alsina? Age Explored

August Alsina has reached the age of 29 at the current date as he was born on September 3, 1992, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. August started his musical journey at an early age of life as he was just fourteen years old in 2007 when he uploaded his first videos to YouTube. 

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In particular, he relocated to Atlanta in 2011 and started to follow his passion. He released his first mixtape, The Product, in April 2012. Further, he released his debut single, I Luv This Shit, in January 2013. 

August Alsina Whereabouts Now

August Alsina has acquired an impressive fan following from the public domain in the following years. However, he has not appeared much on the public platforms these days, where many wonders where August Alsina is at the current date. 

In particular, he had announced that he was likely retiring from music on September 21, 2021. However, he usually shares his activities with his friends via his Instagram handle.