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Aditi Rai is an open-minded girl who is an avid music lover listening to diverse genres. As an ENFP she is an outgoing person yet, loves her personal space. She is a Gen Z with a pure old school heart.

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Ellie Bamber Has A Manager Mother and a Financier Father, How Did She End Up Acting?

Ellie Bamber and her parents, David And Zoe Bamber have different professional backgrounds. Zoe is a Manager, and David is a Financier. Many of you might remember the English actress from her appearance as Lydia Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and...



Actress Jaicy Elliot Seemingly Confirms Romance With Boyfriend Brandon Pert

Jaicy Elliot is dating her boyfriend, Brandon Pert, and she confirmed it through her Instagram. Brandon is also an actor. She is a French-born American actress widely appraised for appearing in Dr. Taryn Helm's role in the well-distinguished American...


Jamie Mcshane Plays Sheriff Donovan Galpin In Netflix's Wednesday

Jamie Mcshane plays the role of Donovan Galpin in Netflix's Wednesday. Galpin spent almost half his age in the film industry, with a career spanning over two decades. He is a notable actor who has starred in various films and television series until ...

Family Member

Joe Mantegna's Children Are Doing Quite Well For Themselves As Actors

Both of Joe Mantegna's children, Mia and Gia Mantegna, followed in his footsteps in the film industry. You might be familiar with the actor's voice; Joe is the voice of mob boss Fat Tony on “The Simpsons.” He has appeared in various ...

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Bruno Tonioli Has Managed A Relationship With His Partner Jason Schanne While Managing A Successful Dancing Career

Bruno Tonioli and his partner Jason Schanne have been in a long-term relationship. Bruno Tonioli is a prominent choreographer, Latin, and ballroom dancer who is broadly known for appearing as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, a British TV dance compe...


Jeremy Sumpter's Wife Elizabeth Sumpter Is Corporate Flight Attendant at Confidential

Jeremy Sumpter married his fiancée and now-wife, Elizabeth Sumpter, on October 1 in Columbia, Tennessee. Elizabeth was a Los Angeles-based Contract flight attendant before marrying Jeremy from Nashville, where she also hails from. She has over...


Bill Moran Vanishes Off 95.1 Leading To Concerns Of DiTullio & Moran Cancellation

One of two hosts, Bill Moran's, absence from Radio 95.1 has sparked concerns among netizens. Duo Bill Moran and John DiTullio are the hosts on Radio 95.1. They host the radio show every weekday from 11 am to 2 pm. The radio show focuses on Pop cultur...

Celebrity Spouse

Hunter Doohan Is Married To His Now Husband Fielder Jewett & The Wedding Pictures Are Adorable

Hunter Doohan and his husband Fielder Jewett exchanged their wedding vows Doohan is an actor, who rose to prominence with his appearance in the television series Your Honor, Wednesday, and Truth Be Told. He starred in Tyler Galpin's role in the ...

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Somen Banerjee Net Worth As Hulu Revisits His Story In "Welcome To Chippendales"

Somen Banerjee, the late founder of Chippendales, had a net worth of $3 million at the time of his passing. He made his money from his controversial dance group. For those of you who don't know, Somen is the founder of the Chippendales, a prominent t...

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Steve-O Cohost Scott Randolph Has A Comedian Brother Steven Randolph

Scott Randolph, Steve-O co-producer, and brother Steven Randolph both, share the funny in the family. He works as a professional actor and comedian. Scott is a director and producer broadly recognized for "Steve-O: Guilty as Charged" and "Steve-O: Gn...