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Anish is a Chartered Accountant Student. He believes in developing the overall quality and likes to keep himself up-to-date with the ongoing matters. With more than a year of professional writing experience, he brings his connection with the entertainment industry in the form of words.

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Guinness Record Video, Who is Lisa Sparhawk? Twitter Users Reaction

Meet Lisa Sparhawk, also known as Lisa Sparks, who has the record for the most number of sexual relationships with a partner in a day. Only a bizarre person who is willing to go to the extreme can set the world record for anything. There are multip...



Georgia Love Leaving Channel 7 and Going To A New Job, What Is She Doing Next In Her Career?

Georgia Love is leaving Channel 7 to pursue her love for storytelling to another media portal. Georgia Love is an Australian TV personality and reporter on Channel 7. But she doesn't intend to hold the position at Channel 7 for much longer as she a...


Actor Javon Walton Leaving Euphoria For Good as Ashtray Dies In Season Finale

Javon Walton is reportedly leaving Euphoria as Ashtray is confirmed dead. Javon Walton is an American actor best known for his role of Ashtray in the series Euphoria. Many people know the actor as Ashtray for his brilliant performance in the series...


Gad Saad Weight Loss Secrets: Meet The Concordia University Professor

Gad Saad recently talked about his weight loss where he explained his diet and plan that he adopted to maintain his body. Gad Saad is a Lebanese-born Canadian professor and Youtuber known for his opinions on different subjects. He is an expert in M...


Where Is Tracy Orban Now? Everything On Ex Detective Anthony Orban Wife And Kids

Where is Tracy Orban now? Here is what we know about the present whereabouts of the wife of ex-detective, Anthony Orban. Tracy Orban is the wife of the ex-detective and late officer, Anthony Orban. Anthony, a Westminster police detective, was convi...

Celebrity Spouse

Lady Ana Ogden, Sir Robert Ogden Wife and Family Following Racehorse Owner Death

Know about Sir Robert Ogden's wife, Lady Ana Ogden, as the self-made businessman passes away at 86. Lady Ana Ogden is an English personality better known as the wife of the late Sir Robert Ogden. Robert, a self-made multi-millionaire who rose to th...


Kai Neukermans Was invited to Play Drums At Pearl Jam Concert, What Happened To Drummer Matt Cameron?

Kai Neukermans, age 18, was invited to play drums for Pearl Jam after their regular drummer Matt Cameron sat out of COVID. It was an amazing moment to witness when a young boy, Kai Neukermans, stepped up t play the drums for Pearl Jam. The boy did ...


Eloise Payne Murder: Where Are Her husband And Son Kenyatta Payne Now 2022? Killer Identity

Over three decades after Eloise Payne was stabbed to death in her home, the case still remains a mystery. It has been more than 30 years since Eloise Payne was murdered inside her own home in 1991. The woman was found lying in her own blood as poli...


What Happened To SZA Leg And Why Was She On Crutches While Receiving Grammys Award?

What happened to SZA's leg? Know the reason why the singer was on crutches on the Grammys stage. Solana Imani Rowe, professionally known as SZA, is a well-known American singer and songwriter. With around a decade of experience in the professional ...


Why Is Kizza Besigye Arrested? News Today About The Uganda Physician

People wonder why Kizza Besigye was arrested as the visuals of him getting escorted by police go viral on the internet. Kizza Besigye is a Ugandan physician, politician, and former military official. He served several years in the Uganda People's D...