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Biren KC is friendly and great with people. He focuses on his work and likes to get things done. He has a bachelor's degree in Automobile Engineering from Thapathali Engineering College. Some of his hobbies include; basketball, traveling, and photography. He is currently involved in freelance writing.

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What Happened To Laura McCulloch? Actress Went Missing In Los Angeles

Australian actress Laura McCulloch is reportedly missing in Los Angeles, as her friends and family reported. Fans are worried about if she is found. Laura McCulloch, a 37-year-old Victorian actress and singer is not seen in Los Angeles. She hasn't tu...



Who Is Bethany England's Partner - Stephanie Williams, Are They Married?

Bethany England is currently in a relationship with her partner, Stephanie Williams, a fellow football player. However, the pair are not married as of August 2022. Bethany England is a forward for Chelsea in the FA WSL and the England national team. ...


Who Are Christina Bobb's Sister - Jean Bobb and Carrie Bobb?

Christina Bobb has revealed to the public that she grew up with two sisters, Jean Bobb and Carrie Bobb. In addition, her parents have three daughters in the family. Christina Bobb is a journalist and attorney with advanced degrees from the United Sta...


Is Olivia Bailey Leaving WCYB-TV, Where Is She Going To Work?

Olivia Bailey already has news of her leaving WCYB-TV after working with the network for a long time. She has decided to move to a new city for her husband's duty. She is a graduate student at Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia. Another for...


Saraya Jade Bevis Video On Twitter, What Happened To Former WWE Star Paige?

Netizens are searching for Saraya Jade Bevis videos on Twitter as the name Paige is trending on the platform. Saraya competed under the name "Paige" in the WWE. Paige is the ring name of Saraya-Jade Bevis, a former professional wrestler from England....


Andrew Schimmer Wife Illness - What Disease Does She Have?

Andrew Schimmer updated about his wife, Jho Rovero's illness through his social media. Jho is currently battling a severe disease. Actor Andrew Schimmer is currently dealing with a grave scenario because his wife, Jho Rovero, was hospitalized on July...


How Did Michelle Collins Met Her Partner Mike Davidson? Dating And Relationship Timeline

Michelle Collins met her partner Mike Davidson in 2012 and recently announced their engagement. The pair share a sizeable age gap in their relationship. English actress and TV host Michelle Danielle Collins are best known for her work in the British ...


Obituary: Dillon Quirke Parents - Family And Friends Mourning A Great Loss

Dillon Quirke left his parents, family members, and friends at a young age as he passed away due to a collision. His family and teammates are mourning his death. Irish hurler Dillon Quirke competed with Clonoulty-Rossmore in the Tipperary Senior Cham...


Kanye West Posts 'Skete Davidson dead at 28' - Meaning Explained

Immediately after Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian split up, Kanye West posted 'Skete Davidson dead at 28' on his Instagram. His memes are viral on the web. Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have separated after nine months of dating. However, when Ka...


Where Is Waleeporn Gunan Now? Saman Gunan Wife - Has She Remarried After Husband Death?

Saman Gunan departed from his kids and wife, Waleeporn Gunan, as he passed away in a mission. Has Walerrporn remarried? Let's find out. Waleeporn Gunan is the wife of Late Saman Gunan. Saman perished while attempting to rescue 13 strangers from a flo...