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Biren KC is friendly and great with people. He focuses on his work and likes to get things done. He has a bachelor's degree in Automobile Engineering from Thapathali Engineering College. Some of his hobbies include; basketball, traveling, and photography. He is currently involved in freelance writing.

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Matilda De Angelis' Boyfriend Andrea Arcangeli - Relationship Timeline!

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Nick Pivetta's Wife, Fans Wants To Know If Pitcher Is Married To Partner Kristen Pivetta

Boston Red Sox pitcher Nick Pivetta is happily married and has a beautiful family with his wife, Kristen Pivetta. Kristen and Nick dated for a long time before getting married. Canadian professional baseball pitcher Nick Pivetta plays for the Boston ...


Weston Holm And Brian Holm - Holly Holm's Brother

Weston Holm And Brian Holm are popular among the public as the brothers of the famous female UFC fighter, Holly Holms.  A mixed martial artist from the United States named Holly Holm competes in the UFC. She is a former professional boxer and ki...


What Happened To Laura McCulloch? Actress Went Missing In Los Angeles

Australian actress Laura McCulloch is reportedly missing in Los Angeles, as her friends and family reported. Fans are worried about if she is found. Laura McCulloch, a 37-year-old Victorian actress and singer is not seen in Los Angeles. She hasn't tu...


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Who Is Brandon Van Grack? Wikipedia Bio Of Co-Chair National Security Practice - Here's What We Know

Brandon Van Grack currently serves as a co-Chair of National Security Practice in the U.S. People are curious to find out his Wikipedia details and married life. Brandon Van Grack is linked with Morrison & Foerster's National Security. Investigat...


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Douglass Mackey was a social media star named Ricky Vaughn who was arrested for violating voting rules. He currently serves in jail for his charges. Douglass Mackey, also known as Ricky Vaughn on social media, was apprehended in 2021 and accused of a...