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Tiny Beautiful Things: What We Have Learned About Aneasa Yacoub

Aneasa Isabella Yacoub is an American actress well-known for Tiny Beautiful Things. She is playing the role of Montana in the TV mini-series. Aneasa began her acting career in 2017 in the series 'Lethal Weapons' created by Matthew Miller, playing th...

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Family Member

Kiruna Stamell Sisters Peta And Melanie Have Dwarfism

Kiruna Stamell and her sisters Peta Stamell and Melanie Stamell grew up in Eastern Suburbs. Peta and Melanie are twins and younger siblings of Kiruna. Kiruna is a professional actress and a dancer. She is best known for her performance as the girl in...

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Rasmus King Parents Taught Him Surfing From A Young Age

Rasmus King parents are Justin and Eva King. Justin and Eva are professional surfers. Rasmus was brought up alongside his brother Kyuss in Byron Bay. Justin is a regular surfer who surfs most of the day, while Eva does not surf much because of crowd...