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Kanti Rai works as a content writer at KPO Company. She strives to learn new things and has been writing for almost a year. She predominantly covers local stories and trending topics in the entertainment sector.

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Net Worth

What Is Bling Empire's Blake Abbie Family Net Worth?

Blake Abbie family net worth is approximately $15 million. Blake father Robert played Soccer professionally and worked in a corporate office. Abbie is a Canadian writer of Chinese and Scottish descent. He serves as the editor-at-large for the fashion...

Family Member

Family Member

Nathan Kress Siblings Are Not In The Show Business

Nathan Kress siblings Kevin Kress and Andrew Kress are incredibly supportive of his acting endeavors. Kevin and Andrew are not involved in showbiz. Kress is a former child actor best known for his role as Freddie Benson in the hit television sitcom "...

Celebrity Spouse

Juan Diego Botto And His Wife Olga Rodríguez Have Spent Decades Together With Ups And Downs

Juan Diego Botto wife Olga Rodríguez is a journalist and one of the co-founders of eldiario.es in 2012. Juan and Olga officially got married in 2017. Botto is an Argentine-Spanish actor and director who started his acting career at five in the...

Family Member

Sam Morelos Parents Jennifer Esclamado-Morelos and Beeboy Morelos Are Her Support System

Sam Morelos parents Jennifer Esclamado and Beeboy Morelos are immigrants from the Philippines. Jennifer Esclamado and Beeboyeside currently reside in Los Angeles. Sam, by her full name, Samantha Morelos, is a rising Filipino-American actress and sing...

Celebrity Spouse

Joey Slotnick And His Wife Talya Cousins Are Great Parents To Their Six Years Old Daughter

Joey Slotnick wife Talya Cousins is a creative director at Green beans & Jams production. Joey and Talya got married on September 12, 2010. Slotnick is a talented film and voice actor who is best known for his works in "Twister" (1996), "The Sing...


Trina and Missy Elliott Had Short Lived Relationship Of One Year

Missy Elliott and Trina relationship could not grow as the former couple only dated for a year. Trina considers Missy as her musical role model.  Trina's career as a professional rapper started in 1998 when she featured on Trick Daddy's chart-to...

Family Member

Danielle Panabaker And Her Sister Kay Panabaker Are On The Same Career Path

Danielle Panabaker sister Kay Panabaker retired from acting in 2012. Kay chose a complete different career path as a zoologist. Danielle, a talented actress, began her acting career as a teenager. She is best known for her roles in "Shark," "Mr. Broo...

Family Member

Chaunte Wayans Have Funniest Parents And Siblings

Chaunte Wayans was brought up in a single parent household along with her brother. Chaunte mother Elvira did her utmost to raise her children well.  The comedian and actress Chaunte began her career in the movie industry as a production assistan...

Celebrity Spouse

Maribeth Monroe And Her Husband Andy Cobb Met In A Restaurant Through Mutual Friends

Maribeth Monroe husband Andy Cobb is a comic writer and director based in LA. Maribeth and Andy first met at a restaurant through mutual friends. Monroe is an American actress, writer, and comedian who has been active in the entertainment industry si...


Tom Zanetti Indeed Loves Travelling For His Works

Yes, Tom Zanetti is a traveler partnered with Vibe by Jet2holidays to promote across the Mediterranean. Tom roams worldwide for his works. Zanetti is a British DJ, singer, music producer, and actor. His smash hits "Darlin" (2015) and "You Want Me" (2...