Sarthak Karki

Mr. Karki is a recent civil engineering graduate who loves to explore new realms of workspace and personalized minimalist flares.He is a highly functional insomniac who leans to some resorted mess and chaos, learns few and implements none. He has been a sullen eyes dreamer and a hopeless wanderer having his core embedded to the Higher Permafrost. Things have always caught Mr. Karki at his relative downtown and he has always rinsed in hallowed mimics. He has been a music devotee from his sheer youth and always busy exploring the genres and borrowing the tonal superiority from contrasting stages. He is an extraterrestrial vagabond, in search of his heretofore undreamt Hiraeth.

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What Happened Between Eddie Kurland and Al Ruddy During The Godfather?

Eddie Kurland and Al Ruddy had a brief talk on the movie project, its scaled success margins, and the production lines that care less for content and more about money. Find more about the biographical series. The Offer is an American biography-based ...



Tim Anderson Allegedly Cheating On Wife Bria Anderson As Affair With Dejah Lenae Becomes Public

MLB player Tim Anderson is cheating on his wife Bria Anderson and he has fathered a child from his extra-marital affair with model Dejah Lanae. Explore the utter truth behind this family feud. Tim Anderson is a professional American baseball player w...

Family Member

Sean Casten and Wife Kara Casten Mourn The Passing Of Daughter Gwen Casten

US Republican politician Sean Casten is married to his longtime partner Kara Casten who is an elite market analyst. Find more about their family life and details about their kids. Sean Casten is a founding chairman of Northeast CHP Initiative and rep...


Anthony Futia Of Albany NY Identified As Victim Of Lake Georgia Accident

Anthony J. Futia is a resident of Albany, New York, and the driver of the motorbike that crashed into six pedestrians along the Route 9 bike road and caused two on-site deaths. Find more about the accident and the casualties. Anthony Futia was ridin...


Who Is Charlotte Austin From Frankenstein 1970? Where Is The Actress Today In 2022?

Charlotte Austin is a famous and all-revered actress who played in the Frankenstein movie of 1970. Find more about her present whereabouts. Austin is in her late 80s now and her present whereabouts are rarely talked about in the gleaming media.&nbsp...


Who Is Glenn Hirsch From Briarwood NY? Queens Man Killed Zhiwen Yan Over Sauce Dispute

Glenn Hirsch is a 50 years old resident of Briarwood, NY who has been arrested for the murder of Chinese deliveryman Zhiwen Yan on April 30. Find more about the sinister crime and the charges pressed against him. Glenn Hirsch has been arrested by th...


Rapper Joseline Hernandez Flashes Crowd On Her Birthday: Reddit Users React!

A video posted by CZ on May 31, 2022, has gathered over 86,698 views and streams after rapper Joseline Hernandez got a little more hyped during the performance beat and let it all air out. Find more about the act and its aftermath. A 14-second-long ...


Spoilers: What Happened To Carrie In All American Season 4? Does She Die?

Anna Lore portrays the character of Carrie in All American sports drama and she is struggling with mental illness in the show. Find more about Layla's best friend. Anna Lore is a well-accomplished actress and producer and she has worked in many grea...


What Happened To Ivy Queen? Singer Shares Hospital Photos on TikTok

Puerto Rican singer Ivy Queen is speculated to be suffering from some enfermedad complication after the rapper shared the shocking pictures of herself resting, all tired in a hospital gown, after a surgery. Find more about her health condition. Ivy ...


Who Is Todd Greathouse? Anita Dunn Landlord Turned Killer Update Now

Todd Greathouse is the indicted criminal in the horrifying murder in Heartland case where he strangled his tenant to her death. Find shocking details behind the crime. In the recent twisted episode of Oxygen's show True Crime, the 'Truth Will Kill' ...