Sarthak Karki

Mr. Karki is a recent civil engineering graduate who loves to explore new realms of workspace and personalized minimalist flares.He is a highly functional insomniac who leans to some resorted mess and chaos, learns few and implements none. He has been a sullen eyes dreamer and a hopeless wanderer having his core embedded to the Higher Permafrost. Things have always caught Mr. Karki at his relative downtown and he has always rinsed in hallowed mimics. He has been a music devotee from his sheer youth and always busy exploring the genres and borrowing the tonal superiority from contrasting stages. He is an extraterrestrial vagabond, in search of his heretofore undreamt Hiraeth.

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Family Member

Sean Casten and Wife Kara Casten Mourn The Passing Of Daughter Gwen Casten

US Republican politician Sean Casten is married to his longtime partner Kara Casten who is an elite market analyst. Find more about their family life and details about their kids. Sean Casten is a founding chairman of Northeast CHP Initiative and rep...



Who Is Glenn Hirsch From Briarwood NY? Queens Man Killed Zhiwen Yan Over Sauce Dispute

Glenn Hirsch is a 50 years old resident of Briarwood, NY who has been arrested for the murder of Chinese deliveryman Zhiwen Yan on April 30. Find more about the sinister crime and the charges pressed against him. Glenn Hirsch has been arrested by th...

Male Politician

Who Is Karthik Gopinath And Why Is He Arrested? Defrauded Temple Devotees

Social media influencer turned politician Karthik Gopinath has been arrested by Avadi police after he did a temple devote fraud by drawing money from the victims with the false hope of contributing to a temple. Find more about the crime and indicted ...


Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo Accident Video From Reddit, What Happened To The Former Marine?

Bobby Blythe was a Karate instructor and an anonymous video of him assaulting a mentally ill man in a Karate Dojo was posted on Reddit's NSFW. Find the shocking details and aftermath of the horrific attack. A 2009 Reddit-posted anonymous video that ...


Why Do Fans Think Chandra Wilson Is Leaving Grey's Anatomy? Did Something Happen To Dr. Miranda Bailey On The Last Episode?

Fans are speculating that actress Chandra Wilson will be leaving ABC's show Grey's Anatomy and saying goodbye to the character of Dr. Miranda Bailey. Explore the actual truth behind all these claims. Chandra Wilson is a decorated actress who has bee...


Noel Pearson and Wife Tracey Kluck Age Difference, What Happened To The Australian Lawyer?

Australian revered lawyer Noel Pearson is married to his wife Tracey Kluck and they share an age difference of over eight years. Find more about the activist and his family life. Noel Pearson is a respectful Australian lawyer and land rights, activi...


Putnam? County Commissioner Jimmy Neal Faces Child Exploitation Charges, Here Are The Details

Jimmy Neal is a County Commisioner for District 9 in Putnam who has been arrested for the reception and possession of child pornography. Find more details about his crime and charges. Jimmy Neal is an assigned County Commisioner for Putnam's Distric...

TV Personality

Fox News Anchor Trace Gallagher's Eyes Are Different Colors and Fans Wonder Why

Trace Gallagher's different eyes color has been the topic of online speculation for days now and fans believe this is an outcome of some brief illness that he suffered from. Explore more details on his medical condition. Trace Gallagher is a co-anch...

Reality TV Star

RHOA's Latest Episode Leads Fans To Wonder If Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman Are Finally Getting A Divorce

Drew Sidora stated that she felt cheated by her husband Ralph Pittman who got a message from his assistant. Find more shocking details behind the RHOA affair report. Drew Sidora is the new face that features on the 14th season of Real Housewives of ...


Who Was Daniel Enriquez From Q Train Subway Shooting? Fatal Shooting But The Gunman Is Still Not Identified

Daniel Enriquez was a 48 years old passenger from Manhattan who was killed in the Sunday Q Train subway shooting attack. Find more details about the suspect who has not yet been arrested. Daniel Enriquez was a passenger boarding the Q Train system o...