Ukesh Karki

Ukesh is a graduate of Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus and holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a major in physics. His interests exist in the spectrum; he can be seen gazing at the star some night and playing guitar the other night. An aspiring astrophysicist who can plot the velocity of stars in python but cannot name a star when shown in the sky. He can play two musical instruments, Guitar and Ukulele, but is not that great on both of them. Not a poet but loves to play with complex lexicon.

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Morning Anchor Jay Greene KCRG Was Fired, What Did He Do?

One of the popular anchors of KCRG, Jay Greene has been fired from his job at KCRG after an incident came forward in which he was involved and violated the ethics and codes of the establishment. Let's find out all the relevant facts about this matter...



Goodbye Video On Twitter, Watch Soldado Ucraniano TikTok Viral

There are many rumors spreading across the social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter about the death of popular Soldado Ucraniano/  Ukrainian Soldier death; however, there has not been any official confirmation about this news from the vera...


What Grief Did YouTuber Whitney Simmons Had That She Went Into Depresson & Suicidal Thoughts?

Whitney Simmons has shared her experience of having depression and suicidal thoughts after the death of one of her close friends Brian Suite. All of her knowledge about the mental trauma she went through after losing her dearest person.  If som...


Tya Posley From Florida Arrested in Charges Of Child Abuse, Viral Video Leads Of 1 Year Old

Tya Posley has been arrested by Stanford police after the video surfaced where she can be seen physically abusing her daughter. The internet has been showing wrath over the woman. Let's find out more about the woman who filmed herself abusing her ow...


Who Is Jessica Inskip From CNBC? OptionsPlay Director Talks The Current Energy Situation

Jessica Inskip from CNBC is a successful businesswoman currently working in OptionsPlay as Director of Education & Product. Her appearance in media giants like CNBC has made her popular among the general public. Let's find out more about the dire...


Hannah Tubbs Before Transition Surgery- Trans Molester James' Murder Sentence

The convicted molester, Hannah Tubbs has been charged with murder and robbery that occurred in Kern County, California. People are looking at the case very closely because of the many nuances it has. Let's find out more about the convicted molester ...


Who Is Joyce Reed Director at College Goals? Obituary and Death Cause

Joyce Reed is a director and founder of College Goals and her company has been assisting students to get into their dream universities. As per the latest rumors, she has died but that has not been confirmed by official sources. Let's find out more ab...


Who Is The Quartering Aka Jeremy Hambly Wife? Everything To Know About The YouTuber

The Quartering aka Jeremy Hambly is a happily married man and he can be seen mentioned about his wife multiple times in his videos. He is known for his hilarious social commentary on issues of various domains. Let's find out more about him and his w...

TV Personality

Who Is Jayesh Vaghela? Everything We Know About The Master Hatter

Jayesh Vaghela is a master hatter of Lock & Co. and now, is becoming a public figure because of his media appearance. People are interested to find out more about the centuries-old hat company and the products they bring to the market. Let's fin...


Who Is Vinessa Vidotto? FBI International Cast's Wikipedia And Parents Nationality

Vinessa Vidotto is a popular American actress who has been loved by many viewers all around the world for her roles in the hit projects like Lucifer, Hacks, and others. Let's find out more about the talented actress and her personal life. People ar...