Ukesh Karki

Ukesh is a graduate of Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus and holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a major in physics. His interests exist in the spectrum; he can be seen gazing at the star some night and playing guitar the other night. An aspiring astrophysicist who can plot the velocity of stars in python but cannot name a star when shown in the sky. He can play two musical instruments, Guitar and Ukulele, but is not that great on both of them. Not a poet but loves to play with complex lexicon.

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Who Is Joyce Reed Director at College Goals? Obituary and Death Cause

Joyce Reed is a director and founder of College Goals and her company has been assisting students to get into their dream universities. As per the latest rumors, she has died but that has not been confirmed by official sources. Let's find out more ab...



'Tragedy Stopped" Brandon Keith Ned of Dallas Texas Was Stopped After He Open Fired on 150 Children

Brandon Keith Ned has been identified as the man who opened fire in the complex with more than a hundred children. He was instantly neutralized by the police and no one was hurt except him. Let's find out more about the man who died shooting in the p...


Who Is Jessica Inskip From CNBC? OptionsPlay Director Talks The Current Energy Situation

Jessica Inskip from CNBC is a successful businesswoman currently working in OptionsPlay as Director of Education & Product. Her appearance in media giants like CNBC has made her popular among the general public. Let's find out more about the dire...

Web Stars

Who Is Aspyn Ovard On Tiktok? What We know About The Youtuber Turned Internet Celebrity

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Who Is Daniel Marquez? 10 Year Old Boy From Florida Arrested For Mass Shooting Threat

Daniel Marquez is a 10-year-old who has been arrested after the police discovered that he is the person who threatened the school shooting. The case has grabbed the attention media because of its bizarre nature. Let's find out more about the arreste...


Who Is Andy Weidl? Meet The Brand New Assistant GM For The Steelers

Andy Weidl has been hired for the position of Steelers Assistant general manager, and this news has taken over the internet. Fans of Steelers are giving their opinion regarding this matter. Let's find out more about the new assistant GM and his deta...


Robb Uvalde Elementary School Teacher Eva Mireles Was The First Victim Of Texas Mass Shooting, Here Is What We Know About Her

Eva Mireles is a teacher who has been killed in Robb Uvalde Elementary School shooting in Texas. The entire country has been alarmed by this incident and people are looking for innocent victims who were victims of shootings. Let's find out more abou...


Former Basketball Player Jesse Parrilla One Of The Victims In An Unfortunate Event At Bronx NY

Jesse Parrilla is a former college basketball player who was found dead and his body severely burnt. As of now, it appears that he lost his life because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's find out more about the incident and the deat...


Why Did Moriah Plath and Max Break Up? Moriah Gay Rumors and Several Cheating Allegations Lead to Drift

Moriah Plath and Max have broken up and people are wondering about the cause their beautiful relationship ended abruptly. The concern of people comes from the love they have for the former couple. Let's find out more about the former couple's relati...


Who Is Marques Lawrence From Chicago Il? Man Arrested In Cook County Over Murder Charges

It has been reported that a man named Marques Lawrence From Chicago Il has been taken into custody related to a murder charge. More information about the incident is still coming to the public. Let's find out more about the rumors and accusation tha...