Autumn Calabrese and her ex-husband Kent Guzman were together since 2004 and they married in 2006. Find out more about their later divorce and present relationships.

Autumn Calabrese is a well-recognized name in the world of fitness and a healthy body physique.

Autumn is an all revered fitness expert, trainer, author, and public figure.

She has been a social media influencer for many years and helps others to achieve their goals of healthy and fit body making.

Autumn had a beautiful love arch with her former husband Kent Guzman who was a restaurant owner and reputed businessman.

They are still good friends and look after one another even after the split from their marriage.

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Explore Autumn Calabrese & Ex-Husband Kent Guzman's Relationship Timeline

Autumn Calabrese was married to her ex-husband Kent Guzman back in 2006.

The pair first met in 2004 and for two years they dated and cherished a good bond.

Their marriage life was set in a peaceful and resorted lifestyle.

They were blessed with their two children.

When the pair first met, Autumn was 23 years of age while Kent was 12 years older than her.

He was 35 at the time and was going through a divorce with his then-wife.

Kent and Autumn shared an adorable love arch although they carve an age difference of 12 years.

Details On Autumn Calabrese And Kent Guzman's Married life

Autumn Calabrese married her husband Kent Guzman in 2006, two years after they first met in 2004.

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Kent had a son from his previous marriage but got a divorce at the time he was getting along with Autumn.

Kent was a restaurant owner and a seated businessman.

He and Autumn were blessed with their son Dominic from their marriage.

They both shared years of beautiful married life before finally resolving their chasm with a formal divorce.

Autumn Calabrese's Family Details Surfed

Autumn Calabrese had a son Dominic from her marriage to businessman Kent Guzman.

The pair had a divorce but still, admire the presence of one another in their life.

Autumn runs beauty and fitness training and she earns a lot from her body training duties.

Autumn and Kent's divorce is usually labeled as some miscommunication and difference in thoughts.

Autumn missed desired motivations about turning her training sessions into a real-time business but Kent was never approving of this.