Ben (Left) and his brother Jack (Right) in a single frame
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Ben Barnes and Jack Barnes are born to their parents Thomas and Tricia Barnes. Jack is an older sibling of Ben.

Ben is an actor and singer born on 20 August 1981. He is known for his roles in Chronicles of Narnia as Prince Caspian and Jigsaw in the Marvel Series The Punisher. 

He completed his schooling at Homefield Preparatory School and King's College School. He started to learn musical instruments and sang in choirs in concerts and bands.

At sixteen years of age, Ben debuted his professional career when he gave his first performance as a drummer in the West End by Bugsy Malone. His other credits include Stardust(2007), Killing Bono(2011), The Big Wedding(2013), and Gold Digger(2019).

Ben Sibling Jack Collects Charity Fund From Marathon Run

Ben Barnes brother Jack Barnes raises the fund for charity through his run. Jack is the youngest of the two siblings.

Jack works for different charity programs as he runs marathons for fundraising. Jack tends to maintain his low-key life away from the public eye.

As mentioned by Ben, his brother showed his early promise when schooling at Homefield Preparatory School, and currently, he spends most of his time doing charity work.

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In 2016, he conducted the running marathon for Imperial Health Charity, helping raise funds for Ovarian cancer research. When asked about his charity, and explained how close the charity is to him and respects Imperial charity for changing every woman's life.

Similarly, in 2017, he relaunched his marathon for a charity campaign for his friend who has been sick and his worse condition but still smiles in the adversity. 

Jack explained about running the marathon because cancer is worse than any hurt knee and advised everyone to donate to charity.

On April 11, 2016, Ben on  Instagram wished his sibling "Happy Siblings Day" and praised Jack's work for the charity fundraising campaign.

Ben further praised Jack as the most wondrous, powerful, special brother of them all who is about to run the London Marathon.

Jack further stays far away from the public eye and social media interactions and enjoys his peaceful life with support from Ben.

He Was Born In Mixed Ancestry Family

Ben Barnes family is of mixed ancestry and belongs to different countries. He was raised in a happy family of four.

His grandparents were originally from Germany and the Netherlands. His dad is English, whereas his mother belongs from South Africa.

Ben enjoying the beautiful Sunset view with his brother Jack on April 11, 2016
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Ben was born as the oldest son in his family. His dad Thomas used to serve as a professor of Psychiatry, whereas his mother worked as a Therapist.

His parents brought up mixed religious types as his father was from a Christian background, and his mom was Jewish. 

Due to his mixed ancestors, on the father's side, he shares English Ancestry and is Dutch. German and his mom possess Jewish descent.

Thomas Barnes Was A Psychiatrist

Ben Barnes father Thomas Barnes was a reputed psychiatrist. He was born to parents Emil Becker and Cornelia Havelaar.

Thomas originally belongs to the Netherlands and has English descent. His parents migrated from Germany to the Netherlands. 

Ben's dad always supported him and his sibling from their early days. Their desires and wishes were always fulfilled during their childhood. 

His support has made his two kids successful as they are now. He exchanged vows with the therapist Patricia.

Thomas has always been far from the limelight though his elder son is a celebrity figure. He enjoys his private lifestyle.

Patricia Barnes Is A Therapist

Ben Barnes mother Patricia Barnes served as a mental therapist. She is from South Africa.

Thomas and Patricia are from the same profession in the mental health field.

Like his father, Patricia also contributed much to her son's studies and childhood practice as a mother. Though she hasn't contributed much to his acting career, she has always kept her support from the beginning for both her kids.

His mom is of Jewish ascent and a native African person, due to which Ben and Jack possess mixed ascent of Africa and the Netherlands.

Recently Ben shared his mum's story of fighting cancer for the cause #StandUpToCancer and shared the importance of cancer research on his Instagram.

He commended his mother for being the strongest person he had ever met and for bravely undergoing treatments. Her ability to fight provides stories of hope and gives everything meaning. 

Barnes opens up about his mom when asked with whom he learned much about love for what he knows."My mother is a relationship counselor, and I learned a lot about love from her," he told the Belfast Telegraph during a March 2015 interview.

Ben Relationship Has Been A Mystery

Ben Barnes rumored girlfriend Julianne Hough is an Actress. Ben and Julianna are good friends.

Despite Ben being secretive with his personal life, he dated several girls as Amanda Seyfried, Felicity Jones, and Meganne Young, and now is currently rumored to be dating Julianne.

Julian was born on July 20, 1988. She was born into a Mormon family in Orem, Utah. The actress is well known for her roles in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Burlesque, Footloose, and Safe Heaven.

Ben and Julian walking together on the streets during daytime
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Julian also worked as a judge for the American Got Talent show for its fourteenth season. Later in 2022, She hosted the 75th Tony Awards: Act One alongside Darren Criss.

Besides her professional life, the actress is also known due to her rumored boyfriend, Ben. In January 2021, The couple was spotted hanging out together for an ice cream date in Los Angeles.

Later, The couple was reportedly seen several times enjoying or attending events together. Though any parties confirmed the rumors, it is hard to say they are true.

But they both mentioned being friends for a very long period. They have been friends for more than a decade.