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Best long term stock helps to provide you take advantage of compounding returns. By holding these stocks you can not only earn returns but also gain tax benefits.

Various long-term investing stocks help you in building a robust and enduring investment portfolio. 


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This best stock to invest right now stands as one of the globe's leading non-alcoholic beverage corporations, and is revealing earnings of over $45 billion for the entire year of 2023, as predicted by Wall Street. They're anticipating a strong performance from the company.

Boasting a remarkable 138-year legacy, KO is revered as a blue-chip stock, making it an ideal choice for investors with a long-term perspective. Over the past five years, the stock has exhibited impressive growth, appreciating by over 20%.

  • Market Cap: $256.68 Billion


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Considering this best stock for long term helps to robust your financial performance, boasting strong revenue and profit growth, with anticipated margin expansion as the Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) market matures.

The company's recurring revenue model, primarily derived from ongoing sensor and consumable sales, ensures a steady and predictable cash flow. DexCom enjoys a competitive edge in the CGM sector, facing limited direct competition.

  • Market Cap: $47.21 Billion


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It further solidifies its appeal for investors with a remarkable 14-year consecutive dividend increase streak, underscoring its commitment to shareholder value. The current dividend yield, standing at approximately 1.52%.

This long term best stocks prudent financial management is evident in its payout ratio of around 30%, signifying ample room for future dividend growth as earnings expand. This positions UNH as an appealing choice for investors seeking both income and growth potential.

  • Market Cap: $465.42 Billion

American Water Works

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For the long term investment stocks you can go for American Water Works Co. Inc. It stands out as an enticing investment choice for several reasons. Operating in the essential water supply industry, it enjoys stable revenue streams.

It has a good financial history with steady earnings and growing dividends. The stock currently has a dividend yield of about 2.4%, and it has increased its dividends for 18 straight years, with an average growth of around 59%.

  • Market Cap: $23.98 Billion

Elevance Health

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This stock for long term emerges as a compelling investment option in the US healthcare arena. Holding the largest health insurer status, serving over 100 million members, ELV commands substantial market share and bargaining power.

ELV's dividend features a moderate yield of approximately 1.25%, accompanied by six consecutive years of dividend growth and a sustainable payout ratio of around 30%, signaling potential for future dividend increases.

  • Market Cap: 113.67 Billion

The Walt Disney Company

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Disney brought back its quarterly dividend at $0.30 per share in January 2024 after suspending it in 2020, providing a modest yield of around 1%. However, investors are more interested in Disney for reasons beyond just the dividend.

It is a huge entertainment company with beloved brands like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and ESPN. Its global network of theme parks not only brings in a lot of money but also keeps people loving the brand.

  • Market Cap: $174.92 Billion

Consolidated Edison Inc.

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This good stocks long term is a dominant utility company serving around 10 million customers in New York City and its surrounding areas. It currently offers a dividend yield of around 3.5%, significantly higher than the S&P 500 average.

It has raised its dividend for 46 years in a row, showing a strong dedication to giving value to shareholders through steady and sustainable dividend payouts.

With a payout ratio of about 60%, there's room for future dividend growth as the company's earnings go up.

  • Market Cap: $31.08 Billion

Kimberly-Clark Corp

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Producing essential items like toilet paper, Kleenex tissues, and Huggies diapers, KMB enjoys stable demand irrespective of economic conditions. The company's strong brand portfolio fosters competitive advantages, with its global operations in over 150 countries.

For income-oriented investors, KMB's dividend history is noteworthy, with a 3.8% yield, higher than the S&P 500 average. While the payout ratio is around 90%, KMB's consistent profitability and strong cash flow make it manageable.

  • Market Cap: $40.95 Billion

Applied Materials

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With increasing demand fueled by artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing, AMAT, a vital equipment supplier for chip production, is poised for sustained growth.

Its strength lies in a diversified product portfolio spanning various chipmaking processes, mitigating vulnerability to segment fluctuations. AMAT actively pursues international expansion, particularly in Asia, tapping into additional growth avenues.

  • Market Cap: $138.71 Billion

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

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Investing in this best long term investment stocks requires careful consideration of both benefits and risks. As a dominant force in China's e-commerce, Alibaba's growth potential is substantial in a digitizing economy.

While BABA initiated dividends in 2024, offering a modest yield of around 1.35%, investors should view this as a secondary factor. The primary allure lies in Alibaba's market dominance and growth prospects, with the dividend serving as a supplementary consideration.

  • Market Cap: $1.51 trillion

Sarepta Therapeutics

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As a frontrunner in the therapy field, it offers the potential to address previously untreatable diseases FDA approving Elevidys for a certain type of DMD patients is a big deal, setting up SRPT for more growth and success in the market.

The focus on innovation, partnerships, and solid finances, including a strong cash position, gives them the flexibility to keep developing new treatments, leading to future advancements and potential revenue growth.

  • Market Cap: $11.11 Billion

The PNC Financial Services Group

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Investing in The PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) presents a compelling opportunity backed by several key factors. PNC exhibits a robust financial performance, characterized by consistent earnings growth, healthy profitability, and a strong balance sheet.

PNC's current dividend yield of approximately 4%. With a remarkable 45-year track record of dividend growth and a moderate payout ratio of around 42%, PNC showcases a commitment to sustainable shareholder value.

  • Market Cap: $60.34 Billion

3M Co.

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This company presents a balanced opportunity with growth potential and an enticing dividend, though the latter should not be the sole motivation. 3M's diversify across Safety & Industrial, Transportation & Electronics, Health Care, and Consumer.

The company's strong brand portfolio, featuring well-known names like Post-it Notes and Scotch tape, fosters customer loyalty. 3M holds the prestigious "Dividend King" status, having increased its annual dividend for 64 consecutive years. Currently, 3M's dividend yield of 6.7%.

  • Market Cap: $53.04 Billion

Allstate Corp.

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As the largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S., Allstate benefits from a dominant market share, providing stability in a recession-resistant industry. Its diversified product portfolio spans individual, family, and business insurance.

Allstate is a strong and profitable company, consistently making more money and maintaining healthy profit margins. For investors looking for income, it's appealing because they regularly buy back shares, and they've increased their dividend for 14 years in a row.

  • Market Cap: $41.44 Billion

Federal Realty Investment Trust

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Standing out as a compelling investment in the retail real estate investment trust (REIT) sector, its dominant market position in prime locations with high barriers to entry ensures favorable lease terms and top-tier tenants.

With a proven track record of consistent financial performance, an experienced management team, and a commitment to sustainability, FRT is well-positioned for long-term success.

Notably, FRT holds the industry record for the longest streak of annual dividend increases among REITs, with 56 consecutive years, offering investors a high current dividend yield of around 4.2%.

  • Market Cap: $8.64 Billion

Cisco Systems

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Despite the recent challenges and a complex decision landscape, there are compelling reasons to consider Cisco Systems. Its dominance in providing essential infrastructure for data centers and enterprise networks is a key strength.

Its shift towards subscription-based services and the restoration of a quarterly dividend in January 2024, now offering a modest yield of around 1.3%, further contribute to its attractiveness to potential investors.

  • Market Cap: $211.87 Billion

Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC

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The company's strengths lie in a growing portfolio of successful niche drugs, offering consistent revenue with limited competition. With an active investment in research and development, JAZZ maintains a diverse pipeline targeting various rare diseases.

JAZZ is not easily affected by economic downturns as it specializes in rare diseases. Although its dividend yield is around 1.6%, it's sustainable, leaving space for future growth. The real appeal of JAZZ lies in its potential for growth, unique drug collection, and promising future projects.

  • Market Cap: 7.71 Billion


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CrowdStrike stands as a dominant force in the realm of endpoint security with its Falcon platform, safeguarding devices against cyber threats. Noteworthy for its cloud-native architecture, its platform offers scalability, agility, and seamless deployment. The integration of robust AI and threat intelligence enables real-time threat detection and response, positioning its customers ahead of evolving cyber threats.

  • Market Cap: $69.72 Billion

Johnson & Johnson

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With an impressive 61-year streak of increasing annual dividends, it currently offers a moderate but growing dividend yield of approximately 3%, slightly above the S&P 500 average, JNJ provides a consistent income stream.

The company's sustainable payout ratio of around 45% indicates potential for future dividend growth as earnings increase. Operating in three diverse segments Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Consumer Health, JNJ's diversified business model mitigates risk.

  • Market Cap: $383.96 Billion


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One of the global dominance companies is best for your next investment. Renowned as a leading brand in sports apparel and footwear on a global scale, Nike has solidified its position with high brand loyalty and recognition.

The company's consistent demand and market share stem from its ability to offer a diverse product portfolio, extending beyond shoes to include clothing, accessories, and equipment. Nike is forward-thinking and invests in innovation and technology.

  • Market Cap: $155.68 Billion