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Bill Hwang's arrest in relation to the collapse of the family office has sparked curiosity around his wife Beck Hwang and her reaction to it.

Bill Hwang is a Wall Street investor located in New York City. According to the Journal, Hwang lost $20 billion in 10 days in late March 2021, causing significant losses for his bankers Nomura and Credit Suisse.

Who Is Bill Hwang's Wife Becky Hwang?

Bill Hwang's wife Becky Hwang is a Single Largest Institutional Investor at CBS based in New York City, New York. Before this, she worked as the director of Grace and Mercy Foundation.

CBS Corporation is an American mass media corporation focused on commercial broadcasting, publishing, and television production, with most of its operations in the United States. 

The couple has been happily married for years and is living in Tenafly New Jersey. Becky has been extremely particular about not giving out details of her personal life and very little can be found on the web concerning her. 

The Hwang duo follow Christianity by religion. 

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Bill Hwang's Net Worth

Considering the life, Bill has been living, his net worth is dynamic and is subjected to constant ups and downs. 

In near anonymity, he accumulated one of the world's great riches and then lost it in a flash, very publicly. He was waiting for a call from a former US general who, he believes, could provide some advice.

He's dressed like every other soccer parent in the United States: teal shirt, blue cargo trousers, and Adidas slides. He keeps a pad of paper and a pen in his pocket. On the white plastic table, which, like the chair, may have come from Costco, rests an 8-ounce plastic bottle of Poland Spring water.

Hwang's landlord is suing Archegos for unpaid rent at his midtown Manhattan office, which is across the river from Tenafly. The epidemic has affected real-estate behemoth Vornado Realty Trust, which is headed by billionaire Steven Roth, as well as other property owners around the city. It's suing Archegos for $159,165.55 in damages.

As per Wikipedia, Hwang's investments were leveraged 5:1 and he was estimated to be worth $10 billion to $15 billion before he face the losses.

Is Archegos Founder Bill Hwang Arrested?

Bill Hwang, the owner of Archegos Capital Management, and Patrick Halligan, the former chief financial officer, were detained on Wednesday in connection with the family office's collapse last year.

According to a statement from the U.S. district court, the men are due to appear in Manhattan federal court later Wednesday and are charged with racketeering conspiracy, securities fraud, and wire fraud.

Federal prosecutors claim in a 59-page indictment that Hwang exploited his personal money to influence markets and conduct fraud in a plan with far-reaching implications. According to the papers, Hwang's net worth increased from $1.5 billion to more than $35 billion in less than a year.