The new Australian thriller series was released on Stan on January 1 2023
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The Australian thriller "Black Snow" is labeled as a limited series so there are minimal chances for its season 2 to happen. The six episodes of the show dropped on Stan on January 1.

This new thriller series is one of the best of its kind that has been made in Australia lately. It has various surprising elements that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The limited series is directed jointly by Sian Davies and Matthew Saville. Both are perfectionists in their respective fields and have delivered their best work with this project, like their other works.

With its exciting plot and the mind-blowing works of the crew members, the show has managed to steal viewers' attention. The series, however, ends at an exciting point, making viewers think of it being continued in the future.

However, the possibility of this happening is very low as it had already been deemed a limited series by Deadline on July 2022.

Will There Be "Black Snow" Season 2?

Season 2 of "Black Snow" has a minimal chance of happening as the story arc in the show is complete in its first season. "Black Snow" features Travis Fimmel in the lead.

An article published by Deadline on July 2022 clearly mentions that the show is a limited series, meaning it will be made for a single season.

However, despite various speculations and news about the show, fans believe that season 2 of the show is possible as it had ended at such a stage, which hints towards the possibility of its next installment.

The IMDB page of the series has not limited its release day to 2023 hinting at the possibilities of his future seasons. 

The limited series features Travis Fimmel in the lead
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There has also been lots of discussion on social media sites about the excellence of its first season and the reason for making a second season.

The show focuses on a teenager's sudden demise, whose mystery gets resolved after 20 years of the crime. Apart from being a "murder-mystery," it also focuses on other negative aspects of our world.

"Black Snow" Season 1 Ending Explained

This new Australian thriller show revolves around the "murder" of a kid named Isabel which gets solved after 20 years of the crime.

It begins with a scene where the people of Ashford are opening a time capsule sealed in 1994, some while before the demise of young Isabel.

This moment is supposed to be joyous, but it turns dark as it gets revealed that Isabel has placed a note on that time capsule claiming that her life was in danger.

Later Detective Cormack gets behind the case as he had a special connection with the late kid. As the story gradually progresses, some shocking facts get revealed which amazes the audience a lot.

The cast of thriller show attending its premier at Brisbane at Event Cinemas Myer Centre
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When the story starts to move towards the end, it is revealed that the poor girl was 'killed' by Anton's father. Anton is the one who was madly in love with Isabel but broke up before her demise.

Anton's father was exploiting two innocent young boys for the sake of his benefit, and later he murdered them. Isabel saw everything happening, so she also had to lose her life for being at the long place at the wrong time.