The tv reality star's mom June Wong Abbie is originally from Hangzhou, China
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Blake Abbie family net worth is approximately $15 million. Blake father Robert played Soccer professionally and worked in a corporate office.

Abbie is a Canadian writer of Chinese and Scottish descent. He serves as the editor-at-large for the fashion publications System and A Magazine Curated By.

The actor made his television debut in 2018 as Thomas in the Chinese series "Meteor Garden." As per his IMDB profile, he has also appeared in the project "Tomorrow Will Be Fine."

Lately, he has been gaining more followers because of his  appearance in Netflix's "Bling Empire: New York." People are naturally curious about the reality TV star's financial sources and how much money he has amassed since the star flaunted his lavish lifestyle.

Blake Abbie Family Wealth Is In Millions

Blake Abbie family net worth is $15 million. According to Realitytibit, Blake alone has a net worth of 2.73 million from his career as an actor and writer.

Blake father Robert played professional soccer before joining the corporate office in the 1960s.

As per, in New York, the average yearly salary for an editor at large is $76,083. Additionally, the average annual yearly salaries for freelance editors and creative consultants are $76,044 and $65,000, respectively.

But his expertise in the publishing sector is pretty broad, which helps him earn much more than the average salary.

Furthermore, we believe he inherited a considerable sum of money following his father's unfortunate demise in 2020.

Blake was determined to concentrate on his literary side and musical passion while completing his schooling. He enrolled at Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin to study German language and literature.

While studying for his C1 levels, the reality TV personality concentrated on Bertolt Brecht's modernist writings. Blake also attended the University of British Columbia, where he obtained a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and Germanic Studies.

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Blake began his professional career in October 2011 by joining Total Management as an agency and production intern in Paris, France.

But in March 2012, he quit his job, relocated to London, United Kingdom, and started working as an accounts assistant and creative copywriter at Saturday London. He also worked as an editorial and digital assistant for Industrie Magazine the same month.

He resigned from both positions in January 2012 to take a position as managing editor and creative consultant at Ever Manifesto. He simultaneously took on the roles of brand consultant and creative producer for System Magazine. He was also given a job as managing editor by the latter company.

In honor of Abbie's late father, Robert Alexander, he posted a lengthy heartfelt message on Instagram
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Blake moved once more in January 2015 to New York from London. He left his prior employment and accepted the position of managing editor at Document Journal, which he held until July 2016.

He was appointed Editor At Large for A Magazine Curated By in January 2014 and still holds the position as of this writing. Additionally, he has been a freelance editor and creative consultant since January 2013.

Interestingly, the reality TV star has also made brief appearances in shows like "Ming Tian Hui Hao De" and "Meteor Garden," playing various characters. He works with Innovative Artists to further his acting career.

Blake Parents Reside In Montreal

Blake Abbie parents June Wong Abbie (mother) and Robert Abbie (father) belong to Chinese and European descent, respectively. Blake is a single child in the Abbie family.

Blake was born on October 30, 1990, as the sole child of his immigrant mother and father in Montreal, Canada.

His mother, June, is from Hangzhou, China, while his father, Robert, is from Edinburgh, Scotland. The reality star is, therefore, a Canadian citizen with mixed racial heritage.

The combination of traditional and western has thus always been a significant part of his life, with his parents providing him with complete autonomy to be who he wants to be while instilling some ideals in him.

Abbie shares a close relationship with his mother, June Wong Abbie
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After growing up in Hangzhou, his mother eventually relocated to Hong Kong. Abbie was born after they immigrated to Canada in the late 1980s when she married his Scottish father, who was 26 years her senior.

Blake's father, in particular, gave him a feeling of security, belief, and confidence, making it appear as though their connection was almost unparalleled before the latter's passing in late 2020.

Robert "Bob" Alexander Abbie was born around mid-June 1934, suggesting that he, unfortunately, spent a substantial amount of his early formative years in terror due to WWII (1939–45).

Nonetheless, despite leaving an imprint on the world, he and his family did well for themselves in the years that followed via simple hard work, commitment, and a bit of luck.

The reality star experienced a heartbreaking time following his father's passing in 2020
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The fact is that he moved to Canada as a young adult from his homeland of Scotland to play professional soccer before finally becoming a corporate employee in the 1960s to further his career.

The precise path Robert took from there is, unfortunately, unclear, but Blake has made it quite obvious that his father donned several hats during his 86 years.

In other words, Robert seems to have always had a comfortable lifestyle, supporting both his family and his interests without having to worry too much about finances.