Bosch and Rockit official trailer featuring Luke Hemsworth
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Bosch and Rockit ends with Rockit finding out about his father and realizing the truth with no conclusion. Bosch and Rockit is an autobiographical movie.

Tyler Atkins is a filmmaker from Australia who is passionate about surfing and the beach culture. He also follows the Sikh 'religion' and practices Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

He recently made a movie called Bosch & Rockit, which he wrote, directed, and produced. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was able to complete the film and it was well-received at the 2022 Mammoth Film Festival.

The movie was released in 2022, and it has received positive feedback from people in the film industry.

Bosch And Rockit Ending Explained

Bosch and Rockit ending was inconclusive with Rockit realizing that his life is just opening up to him. The overall movie follows the adventure of a boy on a holiday with his father.

In the 1990s, young surfing enthusiast Rockit lives on the New South Wales coast with his single dad Bosch. Rockit struggles at school with reading and is often bullied, so he often skips school to go surfing.

Bosch is more concerned with making ends meet by selling 'marijuana', and one of his associates is an old friend who is a cop. Bosch is forced to sell cocaine by the cop's crooked superior, and when a fire burns down his house and crop, he takes Rockit and they skip town to escape the law.

Bosch and Rockit is about the journey of a father and a son
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Bosch tells Rockit that they are going on a sudden holiday and that he is a secret agent. They hole up in a small beachside motel and hope for the best. Rockit is happy enough, as he gets to surf and make a friend, Ash.

Bosch has a fling with the motel owner's daughter. However, this idyllic life can't last forever. The relationship between the flawed but loving Bosch and the naive Rockit is the heart of the film.

Hemsworth is convincing as Bosch and King is good at conveying Rockit's love for his father. The film has beautiful surfing footage. Overall, while the film has its shortcomings, there is still a lot to enjoy and it will be interesting to see what the director does next.

The True Story Behind the Movie

Bosch and Rockit is about the real-life story of its creator Tyler Atkins. Tyler is the former Amazing Race Australia winner.

Growing up was not an easy journey for Tyler Atkins, who had to face many challenges throughout his childhood and early teenage years.

His mother was not present in his life from the time he was four, and his father was also often absent, which left him to primarily take care of himself. These experiences of feeling abandoned and making mistakes left a deep impact on him.

Tyler Atkins is the creator of Bosch and Rockit and the story is based on his real life
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However, there was one thing that helped him to cope with all the struggles he faced, and that was the ocean.

His father introduced him to surfing when he was quite young, and it quickly became an important part of his life. The ocean became a source of comfort and solace for him, a place where he could escape when his parents were not around. 

It played a crucial role in saving his life, and he has deep gratitude for the positive impact it had on him. Now at the age of 36, he has used his own personal experiences to create his debut feature film, Bosch & Rockit, which tells a version of his own story.

The ocean was a major influence in his life and he has used it as a way to express his struggles and emotions in his film.