UK teenage girl paralyzed after her ex-boyfriend Brandon Moore threw concrete slab on her.
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Abusive ex-boyfriend Brandon Moore assaulted Josey Trupp and nearly killed her by throwing a concrete slab. 

Josey Trupp, a woman from the United Kingdom was just 16 years old when her abusive ex-boyfriend violently attacked her. She was paralyzed and doctors said that she would never be able to walk again. But she fought all the odds and now can walk again. 

Josey has rebuilt a new life for herself and she says that her three children gave her a new purpose in life as a mother. Determined to live and start all over again, she went through physical rehabilitation and therapies. Finally, she is recovering and she spreads awareness about abusive relationships.  

Brandon Moore Assault On Josey Trupp

Brandon and Josey met each other at school and they dated each other for over two years. Brandon was controlling and he used to hit her in anger. 


The violent boyfriend used to go blackout in anger and punch her in the face. As he calmed down, he would not even remember that he had hit her. 

It was Moore who ended up the relationship a couple of days before the horrific incident happened. He said that he did not want to hurt her because of his periodic anger issues. 

Moore could not deal with his jealousy over the fact that his partner was moving on in her life. After a few days, he showed up at her door while she was spending some time with her male friend.

The boy walked straight into her house and saw her sleeping on the sofa beside her friend. He thought that the girl was in a relationship with her friend. He threatened her to come out to talk and Trupp agreed as she was unaware of the dreadful attack. 

Filled with rage and violence, Brandon started to beat her up and faced her downwards on the ground. He dropped a concrete slab weighing around 35 kgs on her back leaving her in a pool of blood. 

"During the attack, I was terrified but strangely calm because I thought he would stop and go home, I never thought it would go that far", she reported to the Mirror


Moore had once told her that if he can't have her then no one can. 

After a while when Josey's friend woke up and looked for her outside, he found her bleeding and called out paramedics for help. Her mother Rhonda arrived when she was rushed to the hospital. 

What Happened To Josey Trupp?

Trupp was paralyzed and could not move her body below the neck. She had multiple fractures on her neck vertebrates and the doctors confirmed that she would never be able to get out of the wheelchair. 

She underwent surgeries on her neck and jaws. She had a metal brace on her neck for two and a half months. A metal plate was implanted in her jaws. 


She was put through intense therapies and she started taking a few steps. After a few months, her right hand was moving but her left hand is still completely paralyzed. 

Josey is now 28 years old and is happily married to her partner Zach Lazarus who helped her overcome the trauma. With her intransigent attitude, she escaped the brink of death and has three kids now-- Jediah, Jolena, and Josey. 

The inspiring mother aspires to be a counselor and she raises awareness about relationships and disabilities. "I'm definitely a stronger person because of what I went through and I feel like it's given me another purpose in life", Josey winded up. 

Where is Brandon Moore Today?

Moore thought he had killed the girl and after the awful incident, he left to commit suicide.

When Josey gained consciousness in the hospital, she was terrified and told her mother that she didn't want him to hurt her again. It was a relief for her when she heard the news of his death in the hospital and upset at the same time.