Brent Renault was a New York Times contributor. He was shot dead in Ukraine by the Russian troops.

Renault was an American journalist, photographer, filmmaker, and director who was in Ukraine. He was on a foreign press van that was filming Ukrainian refugees crossings the border when the Russian troops opened fire.

The Ukrainian police announced Brent's death. As per the local authorities, he got shot, and another journalist was wounded. They revealed that he had to pay with his life in an attempt to display the ruthlessness of the Russian army. 

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Who Was Brent Renault From New York Times? 

Brent Renault worked as a freelancer for the New York Times. He had a press badge that showed The New York Times as his publication, and it was believed that he was on their assignment on Ukraine. 

The Times then released a statement and clarified that he not doing their assignment in Ukraine. They confirmed that he had previously worked for them in the past and most recently in 2015. 

Brent's work helped and raised the voices of the voiceless. In 2015, he worked on a film for the New York Times that told the story of Central American children fleeing danger and poverty.

Renault's age was 51 years during the time of his death. The Kyiv police announced on Sunday that he got shot and killed while he was covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict. He was on a truck with several other journalists in Irpin when the Russian army opened fire. 

Journalist Brent Renault Killed In Ukraine

Brent Renault filmed refugees crossing the country's border in Irpin, Ukraine, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When the Russian military opened fire, he was on the foreign press van with other foreign journalists, reports The New York Times.

Another American journalist survived the tragic incident, and he revealed that Renault got shot in the neck. They had to leave him behind. 

The White House and President Biden are yet to comment on the death. It is believed that Renault is the first American to die in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Brent Renault Wikipedia And Wife Details Revealed 

Brent Renault is not on Wikipedia. Nonetheless, one can read more about the freelance journalist on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. He was in Ukraine to film refugees crossing the border.

Renault was originally from Tennessee, USA. It is unclear if he is married as the details about his family and wife are yet to be revealed to the media. 

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