Britt George shot his 2020 playoff beard pics with the talented Hughes Fioretti Photography.
Britt George shot his 2020 playoff beard pics with the talented Hughes Fioretti Photography.( Source : instagram )

Britt George, an actor, has made a net worth not exceeding $1 million from the entertainment industry at the moment. He has been working as an actor for years. 

Britt is notable for playing the role of Warlow's Father in the fantasy horror drama television series True Blood, produced and created by Alan Ball. Premiered on September 7, 2008, the series ended on August 24, 2014. 

The talented actor is recently in the limelight for his appearance in the newest 2022 drama movie, The Waltons' Thanksgiving, directed by Joe Lazarov and written by Jim Strain. The film premiered on November 20, 2022, on The CW.

He made his acting debut at the young age of twenty-five and has worked on many projects showcasing his acting skills and dedication. Additionally, the year 2022 is slated to be massive for Britt, with his many appearances in movies and television series. 

Fans might also be able to expect more appearances of the actor in the upcoming projects. On top of all his acting duties, Britt further dedicates his time to writing, directing, and producing. He accumulates a hefty income from all his duties and lives a comfortable life.

Five Ways Britt George Makes His Money

Britt George has accumulated a huge sum of wealth throughout his career working in movies and TV series. 

Here are the five ways how Britt George generates his money. Let's go through it.

1. Film and Television Jobs

Starting with the obvious, Britt is primarily known as an actor, and the coveted starring roles in various television and movie productions can attain tremendous fortune. 

Although Britt has mostly starred in supporting roles, he has had some major roles in some projects, such as Burning Hollywood (2009) and Vagabond (2018). He made his acting debut portraying Beau in the television series Florida Day in 1996 when he was twenty-five.

Britt portrays Abner in the 2022 TV movie The Waltons' Thanksgiving.
Britt portrays Abner in the 2022 TV movie The Waltons' Thanksgiving. ( Source : instagram )

The following year, he landed the role of an officer in the series The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. Britt went on to play a Delivery Guy in Noah Knows Best and Marine in the TV movie For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story in 2000.

In 2002, the actor appeared as Laird Kleeger in Deadly Species, Detective in The Code Conspiracy, and Tim (Martin's co-worker) in Bending All the Rules. In 2003, he landed a significant role as Officer Bell in two episodes of the drama series Dragnet.

Britt's film credits include Extreme Force (2001), Quigley (2003), The Eliminator (2004), Backlash (2006), Faith Happens (2006), From the Shadows (2009), Rock Barnes: The Emperor in You (2013), Cathedral Canyon (2013), Sunny in the Dark (2015), Heels (2016), and Boonville Redemption (2016).

Britt began his acting career at the age of 25. He appeared in the TV series Florida Lady in 1996.
Britt began his acting career at the age of 25. He appeared in the TV series Florida Lady in 1996. ( Source : instagram )

His TV movies include For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story (2000), Supernatural (2005), and Elvis Lives! (2016). Moreover, his TV credits included playing in A Girl Named Jo, Tropical Cop Tales, My Haunted House, The Swamp Beast, and Burning Hollywood.

Most recently, Britt portrayed Eric in If Wall Could Talk (2022), Matthew in Stolen in Her Sleep (2022), Foreman in 9-1-1 (2022), Wiley Calhoun in First Kill (2022), Married Guy in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022), and Portage Prison Guard in Dahmer - Monster: The Jefferey Dahmer Story.

2. Directing

Besides acting, Britt has also added directing credits to his name. With a career spanning over two decades in the industry, he has garnered 53 credits in filmography as an actor and two credits as a director.

He starred, produced, and directed five episodes of the television series Burning Hollywood. Released on February 20, 2009, the series starred Britt alongside Dean Napolitano, Kenneth Choi, Sonya Eddy, Brian Posehn, and Seth Ayott.

The actor is having a happy time with his dog.
The actor is having a happy time with his dog. ( Source : instagram )

Britt co-directed a short comedy, "Spot On," with Scott C. Robert. Written by Michael Canetty, the film starred Cannetty as Bob Russell, Elijah Jacob as Tommy, and Caron Strong as Abby Russell.

The short comedy centers on a couple who has a 9-year-old visitor in their house. The young boy shows up at their house from nowhere to give them an estimate to clean their carpet.  

3. Producing

The fifty-one-years old Britt has worked extensively as a producer. He has added ten credits as a producer to his name. He began his producing journey with the 2009 television series Burning Hollywood.

The same year, he produced From the Shadows, where he played the role of Dr. Jeff Blakes. Directed by Scott C. Robert, the film starred Kal Bennett as Terri Sherdon alongside Britt, Brennan Taylor, Steve Filice, and Noel Olken.

George clicks with his on-screen daughter from First Kill.
George clicks with his on-screen daughter from First Kill. ( Source : instagram )

In 2010, Britt produced the popular comedy crime drama Trim, directed and written by Ryan Bottiglieri. The following year, he worked in the short film The Fairway, starring Kurt Andon, Michael Canetty, Sandra Daubert, and Rick Markman.

In 2013, he served as a producer for RockBarnes: The Emperor in You, Cathedral Canyon, and Poker Donkey. He also played the role of Bearded Man in The Emperor in You, written and directed by Ben McMillan.

In 2015, he produced the short film Penny for Your Thoughts, starring Molly Jackson, Gunnar Sizemore, and David Storrs. In 2016, he produced and had the role of Ronnie Lackey in Ryan Bottiglieri's comedy film Heels.

4. Short Films

In addition to television series and films, Britt George hasCpw worked on many short films, including Save Me (2006) and Cowboys and Indians (2007). He has also produced short films such as The Fairway, Poker Donkey, and Penny for Your Thoughts.

He portrayed Officer Porto in the short mystery film Save Me, written and directed by Jennifer Getzinger. The film starred Joanna Going as Rita Lambert, Taylor Nichols as Frank, Kim Estes as Mr. Blackwell, and Sally Wells Cook as Mrs. Hobson.

In 2007, Britt starred in the short comedy Cowboys and Indians. Directed by Joseph Mauceri and written by Justin Lader, the film starred Nana Kagga, Sebastian Rockefeller, Angela Watson, and Shane Wood.

Britt pictured backstage at the ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL.
Britt pictured backstage at the ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL. ( Source : instagram )

In 2010, he played the role of Keith in the short family drama When the Waters Rise, directed and co-written by Patrick Gines alongside Bryan Zhang. He starred alongside Grace Chapman, Whitney Goin, Lilly Pifer, Luke Pifer, and Maggie Pifer.

Most Recently, he appeared s Rob in the 2018 thriller short film Vagabond. Directed by Nicole Baer and Written by Jenny Klein, the film starred Alaina Huffman, Britt, Dana Haas, Kat Ahn, Scott Rosendall, and Michael Fucci.

5. Background Actor

Britt further adds extra fortune to his assets by working as an extra in various television productions. It gives any actors an opportunity to be on set, witness how movie magic is made, and learn about the cast and crew.

While finances are more modest than principal roles, it enables entertainers to start adding work to their resumes. When actors get to the point when they start booking speaking roles, they might start pushing background work out of their careers.

Britt George's Net Worth

First Kill star Britt George most probably has a net worth of about $1 million, thanks to his lucrative career.

George earns most of his income from his acting career. He adds extra fortune to his earnings from secondary sources such as directing, writing, producing, and endorsements. With over 2 decades of experience and hard work, the star surely has a prosperous life.

Britt George wearing his favorite cycling jersey.
Britt George wearing his favorite cycling jersey. ( Source : instagram )

Some of his notable roles include playing Wiley Calhoun in First Kill, Jeb in Miracle in the Valley, Warlow's Father in True Blood, Officer Bell in Dragnet, and Beaten Man (uncredited) in Dexter.

A passionate and dedicated actor, Britt devotedly refine his craft, demonstrate commendable grit, and exhibits soundless creativity as he continues to give more productive projects to his viewers.

With all that talent, potential, and lifetime experience, George has accumulated an appreciable income and enjoys a lavish lifestyle with his beloved family.