Bryton James and Brytni Sarpy are the stars of THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS
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Bryton James and Brytni Sarpy have parted ways and living separate happy lives. Here is the reason behind it.

Brytni and Bryton were one of the IT couples of The Young and the Restless, but fans cannot help but question if they are still together.

The American Soap opera has been ruling the hearts of its viewers since 1973 and is still going strong after fifty seasons. The premise of rivalries, hopes, and fears of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City, gives the perfect background for romances to boom, on and off the screen.

Often, the chemistry spills over to a real-life couple, with some pairs committing to eternity while the other frizzles out into nothingness. 

Brytni and Bryton were one such couple subjected to the same situation and refused to comment on the matter.  

Are Brytni And Bryton Still Together?

According to tabloids, the cast mates Brytni Sarpy and Bryton James are reportedly no longer together. 

Indeed, Sarpy caused a stir when she left her spot at General Hospital to join the Restless cast in 2019. She took on the persona of Elena Dawson, a new love interest for widowed billionaire Devon Hamilton, played by actor Bryton James. 

The pair were an instant match made in heaven, as fans could not stop raving about their phenomenal characterizations. They made the audience believe they were indeed in love.

As it turned out, there was no mistake, as their attraction to one another was genuine. 

While Elena and Devon searched for their happy ending, Sarpy and James publically came out with their relationship, posing for behind-the-scenes glimpses of what it was like to film on set with a loved one. 

Young and Restless co-stars and real-life loves Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) and Bryton James
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The posts became intense as they flew away on vacations with their friend groups and remained happy in their professional and personal lives. 

Eventually, interviewers asked about their relationship status, to which the actress unabashedly said they hit it off from the first day they met. Getting cast as his love interest would mean they would have to get subjected to chemistry testing.

But fate had other plans, as they had already met at the parking lot and had become fast friends. The show was a bonus as they laughed until their tummy hurt. 

The initial friendship blossomed into a more innocent feeling as they could not hide their emotions while acting.

However, the relationship ended just as quickly as it began, with them not posting about each other in a while. In the world of technology, the lack of social media appearance from a partner would indicate that they had fallen out of love.

Were Brytni Sarpy And Bryton James With Other People Before Becoming A Couple?

Likely, Brytni Sarpy And Bryton James had already been in love, with James having an ex-wife. But falling in love is not a one-time thing, as they were at the right place at the right time and fell irresponsibly in love.

Who Was Brytni Sarpy Husband?

Brytni Sarpy has never been married, nor does she have a husband. 

The closest thing to commitment was when she and her then-boyfriend Bryton James took a critical step in their relationship by purchasing a home. 

On the occasion of their first anniversary, they bought a condo and moved in about a month before the quarantine got initiated. They were fortunate to escape moving proceedings before the Covid wave as they would have had to pay for two real estates. 

Brytni Sarpy meditating in her shared condo with Bryton James
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Indeed, Sarpy was satisfied with her new residence, posing the pillow and blanket challenges on Instagram during the curfew. She had a small corner for meditation where she penned out under the twinkly lights and natural design elements.

Bryton James Was Once Married To Ashley Leisinger

The Young and the Restless actor Bryton James was married once before when he walked down the aisle with Ashley Leisinger on March 2011. 

His co-star Christian LeBlanc got honored with officiating the ceremony, but the blessing did not remain for long. 

After three years of blissful marital harmony, they called it quit in 2014 when the news of their divorce filings reached the media. 

By February, they had amiably gone their separate ways.

Although they never gave the reason for their sudden departure, we believe they fell out of love as they have decided to remain friends over the years.