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Bubblebratz2 is a TikTok Star who had a huge fanbase across the globe before being permanently banned from TikTok. 

She was more active on TikTok where her videos used to get viral each day. From the same platform, she collected a massive fan following that has helped her to grow on other platforms too. 

The influencer was banned from TikTok on June 6, 2021. She had shared a screenshot of her account getting banned from TikTok and requested her followers to follow her backup accounts.

Who Is bubblebratz2 tiktok?

Bubblebratz2 is a female TikTok influencer whose content got a lot of public attention. She uses her backup account on TikTok, for now, which goes by the name @fakebubblebratz. 

Bubblebratz2 TikTok account got permanently banned.
Bubblebratz2 TikTok account got permanently banned. ( Source : showbizcorner )

Bubblebratz2 TikTok contained too much inappropriate content that it was prohibited from TikTok forever. Prior to getting banned, she had about 40.1 K followers with 174.2 K likes on her videos. She had captured the screenshots of the notification from TikTok after getting removed and asked her fans to support her new account. 

Her new account on TikTok has even more fan following and her videos still get viral throughout the social media. It is her third account after her previous two accounts have been permanently removed. She currently has 101.6 K followers with 623 K likes on her 91 videos. 

She is available on Twitter as @bubblebratz with 565.4 K followers.

Bubblebratz2 Real Name and Age

From her Instagram and Twitter, her real name is confirmed to be Maddie May.  

Not much is known about Maddie about her personal and family life. The star is entertaining fans via her creative content on several social media handles. Besides this, she has not disclosed her bio and lifestyle on any of the platforms. 

Maddie May uses many backup accounts after getting banned.
Maddie May uses many backup accounts after getting banned. ( Source : instagram )

The exact date of birth of Maddie is not known but it can be estimated from her pictures. She was born in the month of February. Her age might be around her 20s. 

Bubblebratz2 Instagram Details

Bubblebratz is active on Instagram as well. She uses a backup account as well in case she gets banned from the main account. 

Her Instagram handle is @bubblebratz0 with 256 K followers and 20 posts. She uses her real name Maddie on her Instagram and her bio says, Digital Creator. 

Her backup account @bubblebratz_ has 98.4 K followers with only 17 posts. It can be seen that the influencer is popular throughout all her social media profiles.