South African singer Bulelani Koyo has passed away and amid it, fans are curious if he was married to a wife or is single. Here is more about his biofacts.

Bulelani Koyo was a well-recognized author, songwriter, singer, and performer. He is noted as the presenter of Iikwayala Eziphambili on Umhlobo Wenene.

Koyo had a soulful voice which can be heard in his gospel songs. Likewise, he had a charming aura and unique vibe which people admired.

Bulelani is acclaimed for his songs titled Ndakudinwa, Abantu Besenza, Yiva Imithandazo Yethu, and Sihlangulwe. He was a prominent musical artist active in the industry for years.

Koyo is currently trending since his death news is circulating on the web like a wildfire. He is reported to have passed on 4 July 2022 which has devastated his followers.

Was Bulelani Koyo Married To A Wife? 

Bulelani Koyo appeared to be a married man with a loving wife.

However, we are not completely sure about it since he never spoke about his personal matters. In 2015, he posted a picture of a child on Instagram.

Koyo's posts received a comment from an account with the username @expanded_koyo. The account is run by Sandisiwe Koyo and the comment read 'My Angel'.

As a result, it is suspected she is either Bulelani's partner or his sibling.

What Is Bulelani Koyo Net Worth?

Late singer, Bulelani Koyo's net worth details have not surfaced on the internet.

He had accumulated a decent fortune from his career. He worked in multiple professional streams including the music industry and the media sector.

Moreover, Koyo was also a businessman and the owner of Bulelani Koyo Productions. He led a comfortable life in South Africa till he was alive.

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Explore Bulelani Koyo Age At Death

Bulelani Koyo's age was 25 to 35 years old at the time of death.

His birthday details are under the curtain but he held South African nationality. He grew up in the choral fraternity and served as the musical presenter.

Koyo was quite young and he had several years ahead of him. However, due to a fatal disease, he is robbed of us this soon.

Bulelani Koyo Death Cause & Obituary- What Happened?

According to tweets and reports, Bulelani Koyo's death is caused by liver cancer.Β 

His friends started fundraising for him roughly a month ago to support him financially. However, his body could no longer handle the treatment and he succumbed to the disease.

Koyo's friends and family are heartbroken by his passing. His fans are also shocked and are posting condolences on the virtual platforms.

Bulelani was one of the rising musical artists and businessman-in-make. He would have turned into an established celebrity some years from now.

Sadly, Koyo is no more but his contributions will always be remembered and cherished.

Find Bulelani Koyo On Instagram

Bulelani had posted 2 pictures on his Instagram as @thanks_koyo.

He was followed by 1965 people but he was not active since 2016. Similarly, he had a Twitter and Facebook account as well.