Carlos Ghosn's net worth has plummeted by 40% as a result of his arrest for fraud. Find out more about him.

Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and his wife of four years, Carole Ghosn, are now wanted by the Japanese authorities for underreporting his income and misusing corporate cash to pay for his wedding, homes, private jets, and other expenses.

According to The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei Asian Review, Carlos Ghosn was able to flee Japan on a private jet due to a severe security flaw at a major Japanese airport.

Carlos Ghosn Net Worth Shrink By $70 Million From $120 Million

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Carlos Ghosn's fortune has shrunk by 40% since his arrest at Tokyo's Haneda Airport more than a year ago. His current net worth is estimated to be in the range of $70 million, down from around $120 million when he first appeared in court.

He is a Lebanese businessman who was born in Brazil. He worked at Michelin, Europe's leading tire producer, for 18 years, after graduating in 1978, initially training and working in different locations in France and Germany.

Michelin North America's CEO, Renault's Chairman and CEO, AvtoVAZ's Chairman and CEO, Nissan's Chairman and CEO, and Mitsubishi Motors' Chairman. He was also the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance's chairman and CEO, a complex cross-shareholding agreement that formed strategic cooperation between the three automakers. Since 2010, the enterprise has held roughly 10% of the total market share, and as of 2017, it was thought to be the largest vehicle group in the world.

Carlos Ghosn Is Wanted For Fraud -Is He Arrested Now? 

According to his spokesman, former car CEO Carlos Ghosn is astonished that France has issued an international order for his arrest.

Prosecutors have filed an arrest order for him and four others regarding "possibly questionable payments."

When he fled Japan in 2019, he was accused of financial impropriety.

He was initially detained on allegations of financial misconduct in 2018 for allegedly underreporting his salary package for the five years leading up to 2015. He is the former CEO of Nissan and an alliance between Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi Motors. He vehemently denied any misconduct.

He previously discussed his epic escape from Japan, which included disguising himself to move unnoticed through Tokyo's streets, hiding in a giant music equipment box, and fleeing to Lebanon while awaiting prosecution. Five international arrest orders have now been issued against him and four others tied to a car distributor in Oman by a French investigating magistrate.

According to his lawyer, Jean Tamalet of King & Spalding, the arrest warrant issued by the prosecutor's office in the Paris neighborhood of Nanterre was part of a long-running inquiry.

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Who Are Carlos Ghosn Wife And Family?

Ghosn's first marriage was to Rita Kordahi, a native of Rayfoun, Lebanon, whom he met in France in 1984 and married in 1985. Caroline, Nadine, Maya, and Anthony were their four children.

In 2012, they divorced. In May 2016, Ghosn married Lebanese-American Carole Nahas and threw a large-scale Marie Antoinette-themed reception at the Palace of Versailles' Grand Trianon, to mark both the wedding and Carole's 50th birthday a few months later in October.

For years, he has been accused of underreporting his salary and misusing business cash to pay for his wedding, homes, private jets, and other extravagant expenses. Carole Ghosn is wanted for allegedly lying to the FBI about what she knew about her husband's finances during her testimony.

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