Caroline and Sergei worked as a team in Pressure Cooker
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Caroline and Sergei on Pressure Cooker are not dating. Caroline and Sergie were seen having a close relationship on the show.

Caroline and Sergei started working together as a team in episode 3. They started to bond at that time, and both performed exceptionally well to reach episode seven but could not make it to the finals. 

Over the several episodes and challenges, fans noticed that they had gotten closer. Besides, some words from other participants regarding their closeness caused fans to think there was something more than friendship between them. 

Caroline And Sergei On Pressure Cooker Are Married To Separate People

Caroline and Sergei on Pressure Cooker are not dating as they are already married to their respective partners. Caroline and Sergei are just friends.

Their Interactions In The Show

They worked together for the first time in episode three. Sergei expressed how he wanted to work with her after seeing her skills since the first day. He also complimented her bubbly nature and called her cute. 

In episode four, both of them introduced their partners to each other as well. Caroline explained it, saying it felt like her real husband meeting her work husband. She added that it was nice to see them together. 

On the other hand, Jeane mentioned that she noticed Caroline and Sergei doing lots of giggling and whispering. She also added that she had seen them a few times going behind closed doors. But, she ended her statement by saying she hoped nothing was happening and both were happy in their relationships.  

Caroline and Sergei joins in the last episode along with previous eliminated contestants in Pressure Cooker
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When she left in the seventh episode, she was emotional. She said she would miss Sergei but knew she would see him again. Likewise, the executive chef was also left with teary eyes when Caroline had to go home. 

Renee comforted him, saying she knew they got attached, but he should remember he was there for the $100k. And in episode eight, Mike chooses to compete against Robbie, which causes Renee and Sergei to get eliminated. 

While many instances may cause people to misunderstand their bond, they are not dating in real life. Moreover, many think Jeane's statement may have caused people to notice their actions too much and eventually misunderstand them. 

Fan Reaction

Fans have tweeted about their opinion on the duo's bond. And they are not satisfied with it. 

One user wrote, "the way Sergei and caroline were acting in pressure cooker is the reason why you should be worried if your spouse has a work husband/ wife! the way I was gagged when I found out they both had partners outside omg". 

Fans reaction on Caroline and Sergei relationship in Pressure Cooker
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Caroline Has A Husband

Caroline's husband Matthew is a chef too. According to Chef's garden, he has worked in the hospitality sector for eight years.

He lived on the East coast for six years cooking southern cuisine and completing an internship at Chef's Garden through the Jean-Louis Palladin Scholarship from the James Beard Foundation. His career led him to California, and he is now Sous Chef at Orsa & Winston. 

He married Caroline on January 18, 2020. She shared images of their wedding on her Instagram. 

Caroline with her husband Matthew on their wedding in 2020
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Sergei Also Has A Partner

Sergei has been in a relationship with a lady named Joey since 2014. According to Blurred reality, she is a pastry chef and worked at The Lark Santa Barbara, where her boyfriend worked from 2017 to 2019. 

Before that, she worked as a baker for four and half years at SAMA SAMA, two at Bacara Resort & Spa, and four and a half years at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. She often appears on the chef's Ig handle.

Sergei's girlfriend, Joey shares their picture in 2021 Valentine Day
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