Calum Is A Canadian Actor Known For His Role As Dez On Austin And Ally ( Source : Youtube )

Calum Worthy is an actor, producer, and writer from Canada who is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Celesta Deastis. Both of them are involved in an acting career. Calum is recognized as Dez in the TV series Austin and Ally. 

When he was nine, worthy made his television debut in the BBC's award-winning miniseries I Was a Rat. Worthy's most notable roles are The Act on Hulu, American Vandal on Netflix, Bodied on Eminem, and Austin & Ally on Disney Channel.

When he wasn't filming Austin & Ally, Calum went to university. He also claimed that he likes sketching with friends in his spare time.

Worthy is an outspoken environmental activist who is now involved with Bono's One Group and Al Gore's Climate Reality Project. He has millions of followers on social media, which he uses to educate and empower his youthful audience about climate issues and inequality in developing countries.

People's interest in Calum's recently spiked after he announced his relationship with Celesta.

Some Quick Facts Of Calum Worthy

Some Quick Facts About Calum Worthy

NameCalum Worthy
Net Worth$1 million
GirlfriendCelesta DeAstis
ParentsSandra and David Worthy

Some FAQs

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Calum Worthy?

The actor Calum Worthy has the estimated net worth of around $1 million. He has collected good fortune from his acting career.

Who Is Calum Worthy Girlfriend?

Celesta DeAstis Is The Girlfriend Of Calum. The Two have been enjoying their company since 2015.

Where Is Calum Worthy From?

Calum Worthy was born to his parents, Sandra Webster-Worthy And David Worthy in Canada, on January 28, 199.

Celesta Deastis Is Calum Worthy's Girlfriend

Celesta Deastis is an actress who is widely recognized as the girlfriend of Calum Worthy. 

Celesta has continually demonstrated what it takes to be a star throughout her career, and is best known for her portrayal as General Hospital nurse Francesca Cavallo.

Her flexibility and commanding on-screen presence have earned her great attention and appreciation over the years. She has also had the chance to work with some of the industry's most well-known figures. Celesta's last on-screen appearance was some years ago.

Calum Worth And Celesta Deastis On The Red Carpet
Calum Worth And Celesta Deastis On The Red Carpet ( Source : youtube )

Celesta hails from a family of actresses, including a sister and relative who have been on Broadway. She looks to be residing in the Los Angeles area at the moment. Celesta grew up in the Chicago area, close to the theater. Her sister, cousins, and uncles are all successful Off-Broadway and commercial actors.

From a young age, going to the theater with her parents, Nick and Maria, established a passion for performing in her. Celesta began acting at the age of seven, with the help of her huge Italian family.

Celesta fell in love with the concept of entertaining others in a make-believe world as her entire family applauded her in the audience.

She has been a part of several amazing projects, including the blockbuster show How to Get Away with Murder. Celesta has also appeared in programs such as The Goldbergs and 2 Broke Girls.

Calum Worthy Net Worth

Calum Worthy has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. His numerous appearances in various movies and series are his primary source of income.

Worthy made his film debut as a guest star in Night Visions on Fox (2000). He won his first big part at ten in the BBC miniseries I Was a Rat (2001).

Calum Is Also An Activist Working For Environmental Cause
Calum Is Also An Activist Working For Environmental Cause ( Source : instagram )

He worked on the six-episode HBO miniseries Out of Order in 2003. Later that year, Calum was cast in a starring part in National Lampoon's Thanksgiving Family Reunion, in which he received a Young Artist Award for the Best Performance by a Young Lead Actor in a TV Production.

Besides his acting career, Calum is an activist who inspires his followers to be the next environmental leaders. Their project aims to spark a worldwide solution to the climate issue by making rapid action necessary in all sectors of society.

Calum Worthy Wedding Plans

After dating for almost seven years, Calum Worth and Celesta Deastis might have planned their wedding. The news is yet to be revealed to the media by the stars.

Calum and Celesta have been together since 2015 and still share the same love. The couple wishes each other happy birthdays, posts about each other, and travels and eats together.

Celesta And Calum Posing For Picture
Celesta And Calum Posing For Picture ( Source : instagram )

Calum and Celesta have remained silent about their wedding date on their respective Instagram accounts, but after dating for seven years, they might decide to marry any time now.

Many people on the comment section of Celesta have advised them to get married because of how cute they look together. 

Relationship Timeline Of Celesta Deastis And Calum Worthy

The relationship between Celesta and Calum began back in 2015. Their usage of Instagram sparked their relationship fast because they shared pictures of each other.

Celesta has been uploading pictures of Calum on her profile since 2015. Through the platform, she has described her relationship with Mark and all her beautiful moments with her.

Calum and Her Girlfriend Are Now Together For 7 years
Calum and Her Girlfriend Are Now Together For 7 years ( Source : instagram )

The beautiful pair gives each other birthday wishes. Celesta shared a photo from their trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for their second-anniversary celebration.

Deastis took to Instagram on April 16, 2021, to share a photo of them sweetly kissing and claimed they had been dating for six years. She expressed her affection for him. Celesta creates lovely captions for her boyfriend's birthdays and their anniversaries.