Chandler Powell thanked his amazing wife Bindi Irwin for helping him recover
Chandler Powell thanked his amazing wife Bindi Irwin for helping him recover( Source : parade )

Bindi Irwin's husband, Chandler Powell, has an estimated net worth of three million dollars. 

Despite the riches in the world, nothing was better than the soothing words of his wife, who stuck by his side after a recent health scare.

In a snap, he startled his fans after reporting from the hospital bed. 

Apparently, he got his tonsils removed while his lover left all her work to take care of his wellbeing. 

In addition to his wonderful wife, his mother-in-law came to the rescue and took care of their toddler daughter Grace and let him recover in peace without the worries of his unattended child.

The procedure was a wake-up call as he became sentimental after being thankful for another trip around the sun.

Did Chandler Powell's Net Worth Exceed Above $3 Million In 2022?

According to numerous sites, the net worth of Chandler Powell exceeded a whopping three million dollars as he and his wife have similar earnings. 

Net Worth3 million dollars

But the millionaire duos are not egotistical about their finances but choose to lead humble lives and continue her father's legacy. 

The zookeeper is the eldest of two children of Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri Irwin, dedicating their entire lives to the awareness and the conservation of the Australian wilderness. Her connection to the Zoo ran deep as she began tending to the creatures when she was born. 

After the unfortunate death of her father in 2006, she took up the task of continuing the conservation as she partook as a presenter of a 26-part wildlife documentary, Bindi the Jungle Girl.

Bindi Irwin supports then boyfriend Chandler Powell at Wakeboarding Competition
Bindi Irwin supports then boyfriend Chandler Powell at Wakeboarding Competition( Source : justjaredjr )

She had the blessing of her beloved father, who supported his daughter's career, saying he wanted nothing more than to be a co-star to his daughter.

Moreover, she did not disappoint him as she persisted in committing 10% of her wages to her family's founded charity, Wildlife Warriors.

What Does Chandler Powell Do For A Living?

Chandler Powell used to be a professional wakeboarder before renouncing his career to aid his wife, Bind, in the care of the Australian Zoo. 

Born on 14th November 1996, the Floridan native began participating in the tournament when he was 15. The critics understood his budding potential, as they named him the most promising wakeboarder in his age group. 

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By 2014, he had become the recipient of the Triple Crown title as he came third in The Wake Park World championships. 

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, he could have gone the business route with a degree in marketing but chose to leave everything behind for his lady love and move to the continent. 

Is Chandler Powell Bindi Irwins Husband?

Former professional wakeboarder Chandler Powell is the husband of Australian television personality Bindi Irwin. 

He lost his heart at first sight when he came to visit Australia after a national wakeboarding competition. The wildlife park had gathered international acclaim as he wished to see the animals. 

Robert and Terri Irwin with Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin with their daughter Grace Irwin-Powell.
Robert and Terri Irwin with Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin with their daughter Grace Irwin-Powell.( Source : com )

A teenage Bindi took charge of the tours as he marveled at her knowledge and passion for the beasts. 

The first meeting made headlines, but they secretly kept in touch despite an ocean holding them apart.

Later, they finally came clean when he became her biggest supporter after her appearances on Dancing With the Stars and surprising her with impromptu visits to LA.

After accompanying her to uncountable family events, he made the big move to Australia, wanting her to be 21 before popping the big question. 

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A year later, they said their vows in an intimate ceremony at their precious Zoo without any guests, abiding by the Covid Restrictions. Their happiness reached no bounds when they welcomed their baby girl, Grace, in 2020.